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Sarah Palin Kills Flies!

So that blog title should generate some weird google search results. But let me explain.

So on Wednesday I had all new windows put into my condo. My old windows are crappy, either wouldn't open, or wouldn't stay open. So my association did some research and worked a deal where owners could buy new windows, get a decent discount, and get the tax deduction. Bingo, I'm in. So Wednesday was the day the two guys came to replace the windows. I think they were Russian. Cute I guess, but a little bit smelly. And they were late of course. But they did get the job done. The problem was that Wednesday was one of the hottest, most humid, days we've had so far. So having no windows to keep the heat out was not a good thing. I sat there and tried to do work while they were working and kept looking at the temperature gage go up, and up, and up. I think it got to about 84 degrees in my condo. And I'm a cold person. I like it cold. Without air conditioning it got super hot in the condo, but that's not the worst part. I also got a nice little swarm of flies in my condo now. Lovely. The good news is that I'm getting good at using the Time magazine with Sarah Palin on the cover to kill the flies. I think there's only one of those little buggers left. I know Sarah will get him!

Speaking of Sarah, I went to do a Youtube search for a song I heard on BPM and found this. Just too funny. And not entirely safe for work.

Reward & Punishment, USMC, and SOTU

So I was supposed to get a massage on Monday. With the success of my fitness regime I wanted to treat myself with something other than food (which is kind of self defeating when you think about it). So I thought getting a massage would be a good way to reward myself for losing 20 pounds. But . . . . unfortunately I got on the scales Monday AM and I'd gained almost 5 pounds back. So if exercise and diet helps you lose weight, then not exercising and not dieting means you gain weight. And the trips to San Diego didn't help with the diet or the exercise part. And will say that I've made an awful discovery in Americone Dream! Damn you Stephen Colbert!! Damn you!!

So instead of rewarding myself, I'm now punishing myself. Yes, it's time to go back to my self-esteem crushing gym. I looked at my workout book and apparently I haven't lifted in a month. And I'm going on a cruise with teh gays soon, so I need to crack the whip and get back on track. So goodbye creamy rich ice cream, goodbye french fries, goodbye bread, goodbye alcohol. It was nice knowing you.

Spinning the subject wheel: The US Marine Corps. So I watch VH1 in the AM since that's pretty much the only time they play videos. And lately as I've been watching I notice this ad/infomercial for Black History Month about some of the first African American Marines. Apparently the ad/informercial is produced by the USMC. And I have to tell you, it rocks. And I think it's great that they are doing that.

Spinning the subject wheel again: State of the Union. Wow. It's the first one I've watched all the way through in 8 years. Again. Wow. It was really amazing. Andrew's got some good responses, and I feel for them all. It's the first time in a long time that I felt a politician was talking to me as an adult. We're in a tough situation. It's not going to be easy to fix. It's not going to get fixed overnight. But we're Americans and we can do it. Wow. Thank you for being honest with us. Thank you for treating us a responsible adults. Wow.

Oh, and Nancy, honey, please . . . . SIT THE F&CK DOWN!! Yes we got you are happy (so are we!), but you look like some sort of demonic cheerleader jumping up from your chair every 5 seconds.

Plus ca change . . .

. . . . .the more they stay the same.

Had a good time at my bday/holiday party. Too good of a time. Well that and Museum Man mixes a mean cosmo. I was pleasantly inebriated by 10PM, and then over-imbibed by midnight. Needless to say it was not a good night, nor a good morning. I pretty much spent the next day in the fetal position. Now I remember why I don't drink alot.

And then that night was my company holiday party. And after skipping last year, I had to make an appearance. It was good, thought I'm not sure it's really fun to be the only sober person at your company holiday party. I did manage to escape and make it back home by midnight.

My office has moved to Ballston. So I'm dealing with the new commuting challenges. It's not too much of a haze. Our building is sweet. Though I was really hoping for an improvement in the climate control. They haven't "balanced" the system yet and I've been in my office freezing. Not fun. On the plus side, there are a lot more eating options. Which considering my diet status, is not necessarily a good thing.

Off to Paris on Friday PM for the holidays. The rentals flew out Monday night so they got to see my niece and nephews holiday concerts. That whole work thing kept me in DC till Friday. Oh we'll I'll be gone a week and that's perfect!

Previously On All About Trey

Our hero had just returned from a fabulous trip to Mexico tanned and rested only to be thrown into the chaotic fast paced drama he calls work.

Well -ish. I have been busy. And in sort of a good way.

Let's see, on the good news front, I've either lost 20 or 30 pounds depending on what you take as the starting point: my "normal" pre-diet weight, or the just got out of the hospital weight from a year ago. So that's good.

And I'm loving the new clothes I'm discovering in my closet. Even more amusing is that some of my 34 inch waist pants are loose, and some of the 36 inch waist pants are tight. It really is just insane and depends on the cut. But I'll deal.

Oh, and I went in for my CAT scan and I'm officially cancer free after one year.

So all good news.

Currently in No-f&ck. Yeah, I know, my fav. And it's just a torrential downpour out this evening, so I stuck with the crappy hotel restaurant food. I should have just gotten wet, the food was really that bad.

Let's see, I'm forgetting something . . . . . oh yes, now I remember.

My birthday is tomorrow!

And I'm loving this song right now:

And I gotta give some props to my sister as she was loving Lady Gaga in September before it was hip. Though she does live in France, so they get all of the good stuff early.

Captain Cardio and Cold Showers

So I've recovered from the gluttony of Thanksgiving. I'm back to my pre-Tday weight. So that's good. But I've had to overdose on the obsessive compulsive exercise I've been doing. Which basically means I'm doing 2-a-days. In the AM, I'm at my self esteem crushing gym (SECG) at 545AM for some cardio and core work out. And then after work, I go back to lift and do more cardio. Cardio is my friend.

However, cold showers are not. I usually bundle up in the AM, go work out, and then come back home to shower and change for work. But one of the "features" in my condo is that the hot water heater also feeds the heat, and in the winter, the systems doesn't work so well. Even without the heat on in my condo, the water never seems to rise above tepid in the winter. Which is oh-so-enjoyable after you've walked back in the cold from your gym. So, my new, new plan is to lug my work clothes to the gym and use the showers there.

And that works. The locker room at my SECG is really nice. Very high end and they have nice shampoo and product from the hair salon that's part of the gym. And more importantly, there is plenty of hot water. Unlike at my old gym, while they do have TV's on, there is no volume. Only some very soothing tranquil music that really does seem to relax me as the hot water courses over my body. So it's been working for me. ;-)

There and Back Again.

I'm back. Sort of.

Sort of dropped off the radar for a bit. Work is work. Sucking my will to live.

And the whole Palin thing. Really? REALLY? Sigh.

Went to France for work. Not quite a boondoggle. Got to visit my sister and her family.

Going to France again. Don't ask. Long story.

Then San Diego for work.

So I'm quite the traveler.

Or an airline mileage slut.

You're call.

Happy Birthday Esther!

So it was Esther's birthday yesterday. Happy 5-0 Madge! So a small group of us joined the rest of the gays and went to Town to celebrate with a night we affectionately call, Madonna-rama! All Madge, all night, remixed to your hearts content. Superlawyer and MailMan came in from suburbia to join MuseumMan and I get into the groove at Town. It was amazing. Packed with all of the pretty people who I tried to ignore, I focused on the music and just had the best time. When I go out to clubs, I'm lucky if I know 2 or 3 of the songs. Especially with the gays into the techno-trance-house type music which is pretty much the perma-beat type stuff. So it's nice to actually know the songs, and then to know the words to the songs. Again, I just had a blast, thought I will say that towards the end I was starting to loose my voice.

Oh and apparently I'm not really old. According to Madge, even though she's 50, she's really onl 36? So if 40 is the new 30, then 50 is the new 36? Hmm, not sure I buy it.

Oh, and Happy Birthday Ricky.


Hawaii has definitely changed since I lived here many years ago, but the magic is still there. Even though I've been working some long hours, I've still managed to make it to the beach for sunset. To watch the surfers, the tourists, the locals, etc. It really is amazing here.

I've got to say that my random choice of hotels was amazing. I picked a hotel that was close to where the other people on my trip were staying, and let me tell you, I lucked out. Hotel Renew is a small boutique, modern hotel just a half a block from the beach. It's very W-ish. So cool. And relatively affordable. If I have to come back here again, I'm definitely going to stay here. So very cool!

So I've got one day to lay on the beach. I did grab some beach time yesterday and it was nice to just veg and chill. I really needed that. Not looking forward to the flight from hell back to DC.

But, thanks to Joe.My.God, I've got tickets to the after pier party dance in NYC. Yes, after I arrive Saturday afternoon, I'm catching a train to NYC to attend the Pride Pier Dance. After the pier dance, then it's on the Champions Party.

Which ends at 6AM, which conveniently enough is when my train back to DC leaves. So I just won't sleep.

I Saw A Man

I saw a man walking on water.

Fifty yards off the beach, a low water wall broke the incoming waves creating a more gentle swimming area for the tourists who splashed in the water. With the sun starting to dip towards the horizon, I walked through the palm trees lining the shore feeling like I was entering a scene from a postcard. With each wave, a flow of water would gently pass over the water wall, creating a liquid path just inches above the surface of the ocean. And I saw a man walking on water.

I watched him as he walked along this liquid path, just above the surface of the ocean. No firm strides, but not quite a stroll either. As he walked, I saw the golden reflection of the setting sun became a shimmering, fiery, storm of light on the water.

I saw the man, walking on water, approach that storm, that fiery brilliant storm. As he walked, the light was so bright that I had to squint to see him. My eyes teared up a bit and I lost him for just a second in that fiery reflection on the water. And then I saw him on the other side. Walking on the water.

And I wanted to be that man.

It's Not My Time

So busy day today.

Too many meetings. As usual.

Not enough time to do real work. As Usual.

Always busy. Always on the move. As usual.

I bailed out of one meeting at noon so I could get some work done, grab lunch, and then be ready for my meeting at 1PM. As I was walking briskly up Wilson to go to Chop't for lunch, I look around at the people. People who are in my way. Look, I'm sorry but I don't have time to stroll down the street, or sit and talk over lunch. Kind of busy here, get out of the way. BTW, I *love* Chop't. The salad portions are kind of huge, that's the only complaint. Anyways, I ate lunch during my 1PM meeting of course.

So I'm going to Hawaii on Sunday. Yea me. But not really. The last trip to San Diego really wasn't that fun. I work all day, eat dinner and maybe go to the gym, and then I'm back in front of the laptop trying to keep up with everything that's going on back here in DC. And I got stuck in a middle seat on one of the long legs so it really was just not a good time and I wasn't thinking about getting on a plane again until July for Ptown (and really, the Boston shuttle is like an hour, so no big deal). And the thought of getting on a plane for 12 plus hours just really sucks my will to live. Plus I can only imagine how messed up I'm going to be from a time perspective.

Anyways . . . . so I'm watching VH1 on Sunday during that 2 hour block they play videos and they play the new song by 3 Doors Down "It's Not My Time". Which is some sort of rebellious song about how they aren't ready to die. Which is all well and good, but of course in my twisted mind I'm thinking, "When is it *my* time?" My time to be happy, to be living life, to be in love, and feel like I'm not just treading water?

So yes, I'm in one of THOSE moods these days. Gee, could it be work grinding me down, consuming all of my waking hours, stressed out and unable to find a way out of my downward spiral? BINGO!

At this point, I think I get one day in Hawaii to myself. Maybe I can chill a bit then.

Oh, so I started looking at all of these Brokeback Mountain mash ups on Youtube tonight. I think I like this one the best:


With land at a premium here in DC, real estate, especially commercial real estate, is very expensive. But what do you do when you've got a 40 year old building that's sitting on some valuable property?

Well you de-construct it. And that's the best word I can use to describe it. You just don't tear it down, you don't blow it up, you de-construct it.

At 18th and I, they wrapped this building in that weird green permeable cloth and slowly tore down the building from the inside, all the way down to a big hole in the ground. At L and 20th, they aren't using the green cloth, and they aren't taking it down to the ground. They are just taking it down to the concrete foundation, so the building is still there, well it's skeleton is atleast. And they will build a new a building using that same foundation. At K and 18, they are slowly carving the building up using a big backhoe excavator. It's fascinating, while the building is empty, the backhoe is just scraping a huge chunk of the concrete, metal pipes, etc out of the foundation, like someone taking a knife to a piece of cheese.

Yep, I'm back. Some weird weeks lately. More if I feel like it.

Friday Round Up!

Busy week.

First of all, a flash back to last weekend. So Saturday night I kind of nested at home and ended up watching The Parent Trap and then Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. The originals, natch! Loved them. And seriously, you couldn't ask for better "comfort" movies than then. So Sunday morning, I get up and I start to do chores and I turn on the TV and what is playing? House of Wax! AT EIGHT AM ON EASTER!!!! Seriously, House of Wax playing on a Saturday night, say after 10PM, sure, I buy it. But this crappy, but still very bloody movie playing at 8 AM on Easter? Did FX just assume that all of the children would be out looking for eggs and not casually flipping channels when the one girls' finger is snapped off? Yeah, nice.

Road trip again. This time down to Patuxent River. A much easier drive than No-f%ck. Rolling country side and little traffic down into southern Maryland. As I approached Pax River, I drove through some nice shoreline neighborhoods that had some really nice houses, docks, boats, etc. And I was like, hmm, it's nice here. I could see me living down here. Well I met up with the person I was there to meet, he asked about my drive down, and I said it was okay and that I really liked it down here. And he responded sharply, "That's because you don't live here!" He quickly told me that there was NOTHING to do down there. And after he said it, I was like, yeah, that's probably true. Plus it's definitely not homo friendly, with all of the SMIBs running around. SMIBs = Southern Maryland In-Breds.

I'm off to Paris again in May! I'm totally psyched. Some frequent flier seats opened up on United and I jumped on them. The Doppelganger will still be in the states, but he'll be in Minnesota visiting family and friends. So that works! It will be great to visit my sister, BNL, niece and nephew!

Went to go see "All That I Ever Will Be" last night. It's by the guy who wrote Six Feet Under. It was good. And there was some nice gratuitous nudity. But it was a little bit dark. Now, again the main actor had a hot bod, and we pretty much saw ALL of it. But I really wasn't into him. The actor played the character as very fey. So while I appreciate the muscles, butch it up a bit dude!

And while it's great to have the Studio Theatre in the neighborhood, I've got one small problem with them. See I bought a couple of subscriptions for two years when I first moved to DC and while all of the plays were good, they were all DEPRESSING. Seriously, after some of the modern Russian plays, I was like, where's the razor blade? And of course once you have a subscription, and then don't renew, they hound you incessantly. And I finally just came clean to the guy, "Look. Your plays are depressing! I'm looking for something a little bit more light and fun. The world is depressing enough as it is." Right?

No-f%ck x 2

So No-f&ck is my nickname for Norfolk. I've had to go down there several times over the years and I just never like it. Hence the not so nice nickname. And I had to go down there twice this week. Well technically it wasn't Norfolk, it was Suffolk and VA Beach. But still, it's the No-F&ck area. And both trips were day trips. The Suffolk trip was just over 3 hours, ONE WAY. The VA Beach trip was around 4 hours, ONE way. So yes I've had some quality car time this week.

On Monday when I went down to Suffolk, mapquest sent me a different way than usual, and I figured, sure why not. I ended up on a two lane state highway that was actually not bad. The speed changed several times on the road so that helped me stay awake, and we are talking RURAL SOUTHERN VIRGINIA. Kind of sad and scary.

But I did find my new favorite town. Though "town" might be a stretch. Maybe a village. Or a small collection of buildings? It was called Disputanta. For some reason, I just love that name. It sounds kind of snobby, "Oh, I'm from Disputanta Virginia." Okay, I'm weird, but I do love it.

So I've been battling a bit of a funk lately. Not really happy on a number of different fronts. And my vacation didn't really rejuvenate me at all. I'm starting to have dreams where I just say "F&ck it!" and walk away. But with the economy in a nose dive, now's not the time to do anything foolish. I'll do the responsible thing, like I always do, and just suck it up. This funky mood will pass. Maybe I'm worried about the doppelganger coming to visit. He arrives on the 4th. Don't know.

Losing It

I'm losing it. Seriously.

So I was supposed to attend this Homeland Security conference on Tuesday and Wednesday at the Ronald Reagan International Trade Building. So Tuesday AM I get up, I put my suit on, grab some business cards, and head out. I walk to the metro, ride the metro to Federal Triangle, and I go through the medal detectors and then I go to look for the conference. And I can't find it. Oh, I see signs for other conferences and meetings, but not mine. So I finally call one of my guys at the office and ask him to see what room it's supposed to be in. Well, the meeting is actually Wednesday & Thursday, not Tuesday and Wednesday! So I'm totally messed up. So then I get back on the metro, walk back to my condo, change into regular office attire, and then drive to work feeling oh so stupid.

But wait, it gets better!

Wednesday AM I get up, put my suit on (which I HATE!), walk in the BITTER cold down to the Metro, go to the Reagan building. The conference is there! I go to register and they can't find my name. And now I'm annoyed. Because I know I've registered! I've gotten like three emails from them and they've got my position and company name messed up. So I pay $12 for wifi access to pull up my email. But I can't find the registration. So I'm getting mad. So I find the email I sent to the loser from the conference about my position and company name messed up. Uh-oh. Apparently there are two conferences in DC regarding Homeland Security this week. The one I registered for WAS Tuesday & Wednesday, but at the Washington Convention Center. There's a different one on Wed & Thursday at the Regan building. F*&K! So I leave the Reagan building, hop on the Metro and finally make it to the one I really signed up for. And it sucks. The two people I wanted to hear and chat with briefed yesterday. And there's no one good/interesting today. I did make one business contact that might be useful, but we'll see. Anyways, I was just mad about the whole thing. And I kept thinking, I'm just losing it. That vacation can't come soon enough!

Dealing with Terrorists

The problem with trying to deal with terrorists is that for the most part they are irrational. You are operating under the (incorrect) belief that there is a common belief system upon which both parties can talk and discuss the problem. But it just never seems to work, because trying to have a rational discussion with someone who is clearly irrational is doomed to failure.

I'm not dealing with terrorists, but I am part of a discussion (on line) that is clearly irrational. And while I want to jump in and try to provide some reason, some sanity. I realize that it is useless.

My USNA class has a mail list and an "open" mail list for fun discussions such as politics. And until recently there has been little discussion at all. Kind of odd considering the current political issues we are facing and the elections. But the beast finally did begin to stir and in response to one of the emails, one of my classmates made that statements that anyone who is a Democrat is either 1) delusional, or 2) wants to turn America into a socialist state. Sigh. How to respond to that. There are soooooo many ways. Sarcastic, argumentative, passioned, coldly logical, etc. Take your pick. But I refrained from the fray because I realized that it would do no good. We would just be talking past each other and I'm depressed enough about politics and life as it is right now without throwing myself into a useless fight. They are obviously blind to the many faults of the republicans that have lead this country away from its ideals and prosperity, and therefore their position is that anything the democrats want to do as treasonous. If we have universal health care, the terrorists will win. Or some such crap.

One of my favorite bloggers is the Anonymous Liberal. His tag line is a quote that I love: ""The essence of the Liberal outlook lies not in what opinions are held, but in how they are held: instead of being held dogmatically, they are held tentatively, and with a consciousness that new evidence may at any moment lead to their abandonment." And that's what I believe.

On a different note, the lack of information about my personal life is not intentional, just more a by product of not having a life. I've been on the road quite a bit, but I'm going on my next cruise this Sunday. Needless to say my diet plan fell apart after a week on the road, so I'm not particularly happy about that. Pretty much like I'm not particularly happy about anything these days. It's a funk. I'll get over it eventually.

"Premium Rail???"

Isn't that an oxymoron? But I had to ask. I wasn't going to pay $26 for two drink at the Uber-hip Lounge (aka Halo). So I asked about the new 2 for 1 drink special. And the 2 for 1 drink special is for beer, wine, and "premium rail". So I asked for a couple of drinks with Grey Goose, but was told that Grey Goose wasn't part of the "premium rail." So we settled for some lesser vodka. Oh the horror! But with a little bit of alcoholic lubrication, I had a good time chatting with Superlawyer who left after ONE drink. Hello what am I going to do with my 2 for 1 special? Why I ordered a drink for myself after he left. And then sat there and read email at the bar while sipping my cosmo. Does that make me sophisticated, or a loser? Yes, I know. A bit L.

So needless to say I wasn't thrilled by New Hampshire. I was hoping the Obama would win and shut down the competition. Give him time to build a great coalition of democrats, republicans, and independants while the republicans slug it out pushing themselves farther and farther to the right. But no HRC won. And I really don't know what to make of the the crying scene. Part of me thinks it was a cold, calculated move by HRC to show some vulnerability and provide some empathy to her hard exterior. But here's the deal. I just don't think it was real. I think she's become too good of an actor and has just played us all. Which is kind of sad really.

The funny thing? Apparently the day after New Hampshire, the Obama campaign was FLOODED with people donating money. So that's a good sign. I think he can win NV and SC. But Super Tuesday is going to be a blood match. And we all know HRC won't go down without a fight. A no-holds bar fight that will definitely hit below the belt. And do you really want someone who will do what ever it takes to win the election? Don't you want someone with ethics, and morals, and beliefs that they won't sell out?

Oh, on the Anglican front, I wish I lived in Canada! Go Canucks!!

Weekend Recap

Kind of interesting, low key weekend. Which isn't bad.

Went to the new and improved Bear Happy Hour at 30 Degrees. It was definitely odd to walk up the stairs to the main lounge floor and see some guy with his shirt off. At Titan? No big deal. Green Lantern? Ditto. But at 30 Degrees? It would be like seeing someone in leather at Halo. Anyhoo, Greekboi and I had a beer and some people that I knew came over to chat. And I did see some friends of friends. Which is always nice, but it still just re-inforces my feeling that I really just don't belong in that crowd. And I could definitely tell that GreekBoi was not feeling comfortable, so we left after one drink, went to Jacks for dinner (just okay), and then I was home by 1030PM. Hey, I'm old.

Saturday I got up and did a really hard workout at the gym. Actually I'm still a bit sore right now. As I was on the bike, I got to the end of my book and started to tear up a bit. I'm reading Hero and it's really good. Favorite line: "I had strict rules about looking at porn. First off, I wasn't allowed to think about suicide after I looked at it." Anyways, the ending was a little heart-wrenching. Biceps and back. And then 3o more minutes on the elliptical, but now I'm adding sprints to my routine. At every 3rd and 8th minute (so 3, 8, 13, 18, 23, and 28) I sprint for a minute. Go balls to the wall. Usually my heart rate gets up to 170+. When I got off the machine, it said my average heart-rate was 156 BPM! Not too shabby. After the gym, went to see National Treasure: Book of Secrets. Some good escapist fare. And then I went to a party at my rectors house to celebrate 12th night!

Sunday was gym (well the Y really), church, Safeway, and then home to work. Oh well. Tomorrow starts the only full week in January I'll be working. Which is going to suck, but I'll deal. Soon I'll be in London with the Doppleganger, and then in San Diego!

Oh, and I thought Obama did great in the debate and I think Hilary sounds a little bit angry and defensive. Not a good combination. I sent some financial love to Obama yesterday.

Found While Blog Surfing #2

From the Farmboyz via Joe.My.God (natch!):

"Holding On.

The way I see it, we are, each of us, dumped from the Titanic of our births into icy waters. We survive instinctively by clinging to what is nearby, some luckier than others by circumstance, some by strength, and still others by cold-blooded gumption. I am among those who, while awaiting rescue, trade up to better debris.

In childhood, I was supported by careless teachers, unhappy parents, and the lonely respite of the public library. As a young adult, I enjoyed the comfortable floatation of the Church, pulling at my oar half-heartedly while snickering quietly at the drama of my voice. When the dark and starless skies let me know that I was making circles, I took a dive into the passing ship of State, making myself useful dispensing the sterilities of mapless government.

In my early days of safety, I saw many people drown, and secretly I wished to know the foam of the waves that overcame them.
I watch others tread water for the length of their lives, using curious tools to stay above its surface. The morphine of religion. The aquarium of wealth. The fanning gills of sex. The antifreeze of drink. Their sharks never seemed much to care for me, though I would have been easy prey.

Imagine my surprise twenty-four years ago when someone passing took hold of me and pulled himself up and into the listing vessel of my life. Turned about in winter, I felt warmth for the first time. Good and playful work. An ease of course through dire straits. Laughter in the clearing of the drain.

To him I make these words. Happy anniversary, you with your charts and signs and sense of direction. Do not argue with me when I set love between the stem and stern of us and say now we will go this way or that. Hold fast, and sing with me when there is music in the wind. I feel good currents beneath us. Portage to those sunny islands. Soon."

Wow. What a great post. The part that speaks to me is the part about treading water for the length of their lives. I've been lucky. No drugs, alcohol, or sex have disturbed my progress through life, though I know a lot of people who have been diverted, sidetracked, hamstrung by these demons. I am truly lucky. But I wonder if work has become the shark that has taken a hold of me and won't let go. If I use work to put enough blood in the water to draw the shark, to make me just weak enough not to be able to escape. If it's a comfortable hell I've created, and am afraid to escape from? Don't know. And don't have time to think about it. I need to get back to work. ;-)

18 Years Ago . . .

It's been over 18 years ago since I first came to Coronado. I'm sure I've been here since then, but I can't remember.

After graduation, and after a quick trip to the Bahamas, I drove from Annapolis to Dayton Ohio (crashing at my sisters). From Dayton to Leavenworth (crashing at my Aunt and Uncle's). And then from Leavenworth to Colorado Springs where I spent some of my basket leave. Then it was Colorado Springs to Beaver Utah (a sad pathetic Best Western if I remember correctly). And then from Beaver Utah to San Diego, CA. Naval Amphibious Base Coronado to be exact. Coming down out of the high California desert into LA was depressing. The smog was awful. And the drive down the coast to San Diego wasn't great. It seems like a blur as I try to remember it now.

What I do remember, very clearly, was crossing the San Diego Bay Bridge, and finally slowing down. Slowing down and finally really *seeing* California for the first time. Coronado is the picture perfect image of California. Streets lined with beautiful palm trees and cute little shops and restaurants. Coronado is also home to the Navy SEAL training facility, and I remember quite distinctly a very attractive guy running shirtless down the middle of the grassy median, glistening with sweat. And I was driving with the top down in my 1988 Chrysler LeBaron convertible.

As I drove back onto Coronado this morning, all of those images came flooding back to me. And I think they were all good. Maybe time has worn away the edges of any bad memories. Not sure. All I know is that it felt so good to be back.

Zero to Mach 5, Detours to Dulles, & Good News!

So I knew the restful, languid pace of last week wouldn't last much beyond 0730 on Monday and I was right. All of the stuff I did over Thanksgiving weekend did prepare me for the madness, but not to the level I encountered. I just got hammered this week. Meetings galore, problems, hospital crap, family coming into town etc. My Dad sent an email asking if I was taking it easy and in moment of bitter sarcasm, I responded at 11PM at night saying, "You mean am I working 14 hour days? Of course not!" Yes, I know, how passive-aggressive, but it works for me.

So my family flew into town yesterday for my sister's promotion. She's flying into Dulles from Paris @ 230PM. My folks were flying into National @ 4PM. In theory it makes more sense for me to pick up my sister and my folks to take a cab to the hotel they are staying at in Rosslyn. But Dad keeps talking about waiting at the airport until I can pick them up. AGH! Then yesterday AM I get the phone call. The rentals' flight from DFW to DCA got canceled and they are on a later flight arriving at 830PM. Which means they miss the dinner planned for my sister. So I'm like, No! Go back to the agent, tell them you want to fly into Dulles. See if that will get you an earlier flight. So that works, they arrive at 4PMish. So my sister can wait a bit and I'll pick them all up. Well, all of the delays and detours magically synchronize and my sister strolls out of international arrivals, walks over two carousels and there are my parents. And I'm approaching Dulles at this point so it all worked out. Thank God!

Speaking of thanking God. I got a clean bill of health from the Dr. today! The results of the whole body scan I did on Monday came in and the cancer has not metastasized in the lymph nodes, and there doesn't appear to be anything any where else. So I think I am out of the woods. I'll need to do some follow up blood work in January and for the next year or so, so that's all really good news. I'm really ready to move on with my life!

Having said that, I'm still battling the fatigue issues. But I have managed to haul my big ole butt to the gym a couple of times and I've lost a couple of pounds. I have MILES to go before I sleep (so to speak), but it's progress. So all good news.

My sister's promotion is this AM. Family dinner tonight. The Army-Navy game tomorrow. Then probably family brunch on Sunday and then a return trip to Dulles to get them all on their way home Sunday PM. Then back home so I can pack for my trip to San Diego next week. So I'll be ramping up to Warp 9 here shortly. Please buckle up for your own safety!