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Friday Round Up!

Busy week.

First of all, a flash back to last weekend. So Saturday night I kind of nested at home and ended up watching The Parent Trap and then Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. The originals, natch! Loved them. And seriously, you couldn't ask for better "comfort" movies than then. So Sunday morning, I get up and I start to do chores and I turn on the TV and what is playing? House of Wax! AT EIGHT AM ON EASTER!!!! Seriously, House of Wax playing on a Saturday night, say after 10PM, sure, I buy it. But this crappy, but still very bloody movie playing at 8 AM on Easter? Did FX just assume that all of the children would be out looking for eggs and not casually flipping channels when the one girls' finger is snapped off? Yeah, nice.

Road trip again. This time down to Patuxent River. A much easier drive than No-f%ck. Rolling country side and little traffic down into southern Maryland. As I approached Pax River, I drove through some nice shoreline neighborhoods that had some really nice houses, docks, boats, etc. And I was like, hmm, it's nice here. I could see me living down here. Well I met up with the person I was there to meet, he asked about my drive down, and I said it was okay and that I really liked it down here. And he responded sharply, "That's because you don't live here!" He quickly told me that there was NOTHING to do down there. And after he said it, I was like, yeah, that's probably true. Plus it's definitely not homo friendly, with all of the SMIBs running around. SMIBs = Southern Maryland In-Breds.

I'm off to Paris again in May! I'm totally psyched. Some frequent flier seats opened up on United and I jumped on them. The Doppelganger will still be in the states, but he'll be in Minnesota visiting family and friends. So that works! It will be great to visit my sister, BNL, niece and nephew!

Went to go see "All That I Ever Will Be" last night. It's by the guy who wrote Six Feet Under. It was good. And there was some nice gratuitous nudity. But it was a little bit dark. Now, again the main actor had a hot bod, and we pretty much saw ALL of it. But I really wasn't into him. The actor played the character as very fey. So while I appreciate the muscles, butch it up a bit dude!

And while it's great to have the Studio Theatre in the neighborhood, I've got one small problem with them. See I bought a couple of subscriptions for two years when I first moved to DC and while all of the plays were good, they were all DEPRESSING. Seriously, after some of the modern Russian plays, I was like, where's the razor blade? And of course once you have a subscription, and then don't renew, they hound you incessantly. And I finally just came clean to the guy, "Look. Your plays are depressing! I'm looking for something a little bit more light and fun. The world is depressing enough as it is." Right?