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In the Navy - 1993


So when I was in the Navy, I only served on one ship: The USS Reeves (CG-24).  I joined the ship in January of 1990 in Yokosuka Japan where it was homeported.  We had one mini-deployment and then we shifted homeports to Pearl Harbor HI to go through overhaul.  When the overhaul was completed, we went on deployment to the Middle East.  Back in the day, you know before email and the ubiquitous communications we take for granted every day, people used to communicate by mail.  And on deployment, mail call was a big thing.  A taste of home, news from the family and loved ones, etc.  So in order to generate said mail, I sent out a series of letters to all of my friends and family.  And somehow after all of my moves in the Navy and since then, I've managed to keep these letters.  So I thought it would be cool to add them to my website.  

A couple of things to note:  

1.   For the most part, I've tried not to edit them too much.  Mainly for spelling and grammar.  Because hey, that was before spell check and grammar checks were built into the word processing software we had.

2.  This all happens before I ended up making IT my career.  So it's a little bit funny reading about how excited I was to get my first laptop and the minuscule memory and RAM that was available back then.  I also find it interesting to read about the pirate software bought in Singapore and all of the viruses infecting the ships computers.  Hey, somethings never change.

3.  So on a more personal note, I find my constant reference to women in these letters interesting.  At this point in my life, I'm still in denial and I guess I talk a lot about the women (or the lack there of) in order to keep up the facade of being straight.  It's sort of like a good offense is the best defense.  If I bring it up first, if I control the conversation, then maybe I can deflect any questions that I don't want to answer.  

Anyways, these letters are all from my life in 1993.  Enjoy!