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More trip reports are coming including Australia, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Norway!



Jerusalem, Petra, Wadi Rum, and Tel Aviv Gay Pride!  Such an amazing adventure!


Fiji 2017

As part of my 50th Birthday sabbatical I spent a week on the Yasawah Islands of Fiji.  So amazing!


New Zealand 2017

For this part of my 50th birthday/sabbatical trip, my sister joined me in New Zealand and we hiked the Milford Track!  


My friend Erin and I spent a long weekend in Iceland.  The natural beauty of Iceland is unique and amazing.

San Juan Islands 2005

My dad and I had an amazing time biking across 5 of the San Juan Islands in Washington State!

Denmark 2003

A great trip biking across Denmark with my Dad!

Belize 2003

A long weekend in Belize in October just to lay on the beach, swim along the coral reef and climb a Mayan ruin!

Peru 2002

Dad and I took another adventure trip to the Land of the Incas!

New ZealanD 2001 

After I left the Navy I spent a month in New Zealand!

Australia 2001

After I spent a month in New Zealand, I spent a month traveling around Australia!

Ireland 1999

While stationed in Italy, a good friend and I went to Ireland for an awesome adventure!