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Captain Cardio and Cold Showers

So I've recovered from the gluttony of Thanksgiving. I'm back to my pre-Tday weight. So that's good. But I've had to overdose on the obsessive compulsive exercise I've been doing. Which basically means I'm doing 2-a-days. In the AM, I'm at my self esteem crushing gym (SECG) at 545AM for some cardio and core work out. And then after work, I go back to lift and do more cardio. Cardio is my friend.

However, cold showers are not. I usually bundle up in the AM, go work out, and then come back home to shower and change for work. But one of the "features" in my condo is that the hot water heater also feeds the heat, and in the winter, the systems doesn't work so well. Even without the heat on in my condo, the water never seems to rise above tepid in the winter. Which is oh-so-enjoyable after you've walked back in the cold from your gym. So, my new, new plan is to lug my work clothes to the gym and use the showers there.

And that works. The locker room at my SECG is really nice. Very high end and they have nice shampoo and product from the hair salon that's part of the gym. And more importantly, there is plenty of hot water. Unlike at my old gym, while they do have TV's on, there is no volume. Only some very soothing tranquil music that really does seem to relax me as the hot water courses over my body. So it's been working for me. ;-)