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Our hero had just returned from a fabulous trip to Mexico tanned and rested only to be thrown into the chaotic fast paced drama he calls work.

Well -ish. I have been busy. And in sort of a good way.

Let's see, on the good news front, I've either lost 20 or 30 pounds depending on what you take as the starting point: my "normal" pre-diet weight, or the just got out of the hospital weight from a year ago. So that's good.

And I'm loving the new clothes I'm discovering in my closet. Even more amusing is that some of my 34 inch waist pants are loose, and some of the 36 inch waist pants are tight. It really is just insane and depends on the cut. But I'll deal.

Oh, and I went in for my CAT scan and I'm officially cancer free after one year.

So all good news.

Currently in No-f&ck. Yeah, I know, my fav. And it's just a torrential downpour out this evening, so I stuck with the crappy hotel restaurant food. I should have just gotten wet, the food was really that bad.

Let's see, I'm forgetting something . . . . . oh yes, now I remember.

My birthday is tomorrow!

And I'm loving this song right now:

And I gotta give some props to my sister as she was loving Lady Gaga in September before it was hip. Though she does live in France, so they get all of the good stuff early.