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Plus ca change . . .

. . . . .the more they stay the same.

Had a good time at my bday/holiday party. Too good of a time. Well that and Museum Man mixes a mean cosmo. I was pleasantly inebriated by 10PM, and then over-imbibed by midnight. Needless to say it was not a good night, nor a good morning. I pretty much spent the next day in the fetal position. Now I remember why I don't drink alot.

And then that night was my company holiday party. And after skipping last year, I had to make an appearance. It was good, thought I'm not sure it's really fun to be the only sober person at your company holiday party. I did manage to escape and make it back home by midnight.

My office has moved to Ballston. So I'm dealing with the new commuting challenges. It's not too much of a haze. Our building is sweet. Though I was really hoping for an improvement in the climate control. They haven't "balanced" the system yet and I've been in my office freezing. Not fun. On the plus side, there are a lot more eating options. Which considering my diet status, is not necessarily a good thing.

Off to Paris on Friday PM for the holidays. The rentals flew out Monday night so they got to see my niece and nephews holiday concerts. That whole work thing kept me in DC till Friday. Oh we'll I'll be gone a week and that's perfect!