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With land at a premium here in DC, real estate, especially commercial real estate, is very expensive. But what do you do when you've got a 40 year old building that's sitting on some valuable property?

Well you de-construct it. And that's the best word I can use to describe it. You just don't tear it down, you don't blow it up, you de-construct it.

At 18th and I, they wrapped this building in that weird green permeable cloth and slowly tore down the building from the inside, all the way down to a big hole in the ground. At L and 20th, they aren't using the green cloth, and they aren't taking it down to the ground. They are just taking it down to the concrete foundation, so the building is still there, well it's skeleton is atleast. And they will build a new a building using that same foundation. At K and 18, they are slowly carving the building up using a big backhoe excavator. It's fascinating, while the building is empty, the backhoe is just scraping a huge chunk of the concrete, metal pipes, etc out of the foundation, like someone taking a knife to a piece of cheese.

Yep, I'm back. Some weird weeks lately. More if I feel like it.