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Today's Betch!

Let's see where to start . . . . . .

I guess I knew I was going to be pre-disposed to be in a bad mood today when I tried on a pair of pants and they didn't fit. AGH! So that reverse diet thing is really working! So not happy.

Very busy at work and I've having some odd interactions with some folks. Today I think everyone I talk too just set my nerves on end. I had that whole, "Fuck it I'm out of here" chip on my shoulder all day.

And part of it is because I'm like insanely busy. So I really have a low tolerance for stupid people. I just don't have time for them. And then there are the people who talk down to me. There is no better way to get me to get my guard up than to talk down to me. Umm. Not good.

So I'm stuck in this stupid internet training telecon that starts 20 minutes late because the people running the meeting can't get their act together. Then this one guy is explaining how to use the tool and acting like we are morons: "So when you want to delete a file, click on the trash can next to the file name. The trash can is how you delete a file. I will now click on the trash can and delete the file." Really? I mean REALLY!!! You delete something by clicking on the trashcan? Really! Wow, that's so revolutionary? I can't think of a single system that does uses a trashcan icon as a means to delete something. Can you please explain it again. Oh, and demonstrate is also? I want to make sure I know how to do that. Oh, and dont get me started on the innovative, creative, revolutionary, unique way the system uploads files! AGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then to the dentist. So again, more fun.

Then home. And to the gym. And then to work. And I don't mind (much) working at home till late at night. What I mind is when the Wicked Witch of the West calls me at 830PM and then rambles on for an hour. No REALLY, my time is your time.

So my new 2008 motto was supposed to be, "Be better, not bitter?" Yeah, that's not really working for me right now.

Oh, and United apparently United is grounding it's 777's, which is the aircraft that the Doppelganger is supposed to arrive on tomorrow. If he doesn't make it, I will not be happy.