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Diet Vodka and Circuit Thugs

So Museum Man and I went to Bear Happy Hour on Friday at Cobalt. I'm going for the pirate look as Mom calls it, so I might as well put the scruff to some good use. The weather was amazing so we hung out on the outside patio a bit. I had to teach the oh-so-cute, but oh-so-young bartender how to make a Key West Lemonade. Which were D-licious! But then to thank us for teaching him a new drink, he started charging us almost nothing for our drinks. And that was not a good thing. In addition to the fact that someone needs to come up with a Diet Vodka (and seriously, imagine the BILLIONS you could make with that!), I'm a lightweight. So three drinks later, I'm three sheets to the wind. Go figure. Especially since the lunch I ate so many hours early was quite petite. I really do need to pace myself and maybe mix in some non-alcoholic drinks every once in awhile. Needless to say I was feeling no pain and had a good time. I did manage to finagle a kiss the very hunky, scruffy guy who lives across the street from me. It was just a peck, but still. After a long night that included pulling a Kate Moss (the bulimia, not the drugs), I woke with a huge hangover. Really? Three drinks. Praying to the porcelain god. And I still wake up with a hangover. Ugh! I'm a such a lightweight.

Saturday evening, Museum Man and I ventured out dressed in red to the main Cherry event at the 9:30 club. Yes, I'm in my 40s and going to a circuit party. But I was definitely not the oldest there, or the fattest. So there! Anyways we get there a bit early and nurse some beverages (beers, drunk slowly!) until it starts to get hopping. The music is okay. A couple of good songs, but it was really all about the people watching. Now I'm used to the typical attendees at the circuit party. You've got your regulation twinks (young, thin, usually chemically enhanced for the evening) and then you've got your muscle boys (I'd like a double steriod latte!). And the rest of the melange across the gay community. And for the most part, everyone is in a good mood. Drinking, dancing, letting the music carry them to where ever they want to go. But I think I've seen the first of a new breed of circuit guys: circuit thugs. There were about seven or eight of them, heavily muscled, wearing hip hop type clothes, and the big trucker hats a little to the side (which I thought were so 2006!). But they seemed to walk the crowd with a barely submerged sense or aura of violence, like a roid rage was just an accidental bump away. And of course they were absurdly hot. But I'm not sure it was in a good way.

I think we made it till 3AM, and then called it quits. Cherry was the first circuit party I went to after I cam out and after I had returned from Australia and the huge Mardi Gras party there. It was held at the Post Office Pavillion then and Circuit Mom performed. Well Circuit Mom performed at Cherry as well to Idena Menzel's Gorgeous. And now it's my new favorite song. Enjoy!