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Zero to Mach 5, Detours to Dulles, & Good News!

So I knew the restful, languid pace of last week wouldn't last much beyond 0730 on Monday and I was right. All of the stuff I did over Thanksgiving weekend did prepare me for the madness, but not to the level I encountered. I just got hammered this week. Meetings galore, problems, hospital crap, family coming into town etc. My Dad sent an email asking if I was taking it easy and in moment of bitter sarcasm, I responded at 11PM at night saying, "You mean am I working 14 hour days? Of course not!" Yes, I know, how passive-aggressive, but it works for me.

So my family flew into town yesterday for my sister's promotion. She's flying into Dulles from Paris @ 230PM. My folks were flying into National @ 4PM. In theory it makes more sense for me to pick up my sister and my folks to take a cab to the hotel they are staying at in Rosslyn. But Dad keeps talking about waiting at the airport until I can pick them up. AGH! Then yesterday AM I get the phone call. The rentals' flight from DFW to DCA got canceled and they are on a later flight arriving at 830PM. Which means they miss the dinner planned for my sister. So I'm like, No! Go back to the agent, tell them you want to fly into Dulles. See if that will get you an earlier flight. So that works, they arrive at 4PMish. So my sister can wait a bit and I'll pick them all up. Well, all of the delays and detours magically synchronize and my sister strolls out of international arrivals, walks over two carousels and there are my parents. And I'm approaching Dulles at this point so it all worked out. Thank God!

Speaking of thanking God. I got a clean bill of health from the Dr. today! The results of the whole body scan I did on Monday came in and the cancer has not metastasized in the lymph nodes, and there doesn't appear to be anything any where else. So I think I am out of the woods. I'll need to do some follow up blood work in January and for the next year or so, so that's all really good news. I'm really ready to move on with my life!

Having said that, I'm still battling the fatigue issues. But I have managed to haul my big ole butt to the gym a couple of times and I've lost a couple of pounds. I have MILES to go before I sleep (so to speak), but it's progress. So all good news.

My sister's promotion is this AM. Family dinner tonight. The Army-Navy game tomorrow. Then probably family brunch on Sunday and then a return trip to Dulles to get them all on their way home Sunday PM. Then back home so I can pack for my trip to San Diego next week. So I'll be ramping up to Warp 9 here shortly. Please buckle up for your own safety!