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Flannel Time, Church & Chaos Theory, Project Runway & Seal

So yes this is an eclectic mix this evening.

It's flannel time. With the change in the weather, I've actually turned my AC off and this morning I woke up from a strangely satisfying sleep and realized that I was just a little bit chilly. So I figured it was time to bring out the flannel sheets. I can't wait to go to sleep tonight and be all toasty. Having said that, last night's dreams were fairly interesting. I was back at USNA, but instead of the usual panicking weird dreams where I'm late for exams, didn't study, late for formation, or some other anxiety like dream, apparently some friends (no clue who they were) and I were off to go have sex with some of the football players. We never actually made it. But I'm hoping that my sex drive is slowly coming back to life. That was one of the early casualties of the whole thyroid issue.

So I happened upon a very interesting blog post at Father Jakes about Church and Chaos Theory. Kind of deep for a Sunday, but very interesting. And I'll need to quote just a bit:

"I think our current unpleasantness is, to some degree, a result of this tension. From the complexity of human systems (relationships), we have drawn out something new, and are attempting to give it form and order. There are those who champion order, and demand that all matters Anglican take on a rigid form. And there are those who champion chaos, refusing to acknowledge the authority of any restrictions. Of course, neither of these extremes will allow us to integrate a new understanding into our consciousness. It is out of the struggle between these two forces that something new is emerging. And for that, as painful as it may seem right now, I think we can be thankful.

The fabric of the universe is being rent asunder. Good. Because that fabric is made of the finite thoughts of limited beings, fashioned into a curtain to hide from us the Creator, whose glory will consume us if revealed all at once. We need the curtain, our very human reason, to protect us from being consumed. But I think sometimes it is beneficial for a corner of it to be torn away, so that we can glimpse the Creator, and so be reminded of who we are; finite beings straddling order and chaos, which are both a part of the creative process of a power greater than ourselves."

Hmm, a church where you can think and question life and God? That's why I love it!

Project Runway. So while the obvious hottie is Jack (good hair, great bod, what's not to like!), I'm sort of digging Stephen. He's so adorkable. And has very interesting, and funny, expressions and comments. And it looks like he's serious, but not cut your throat serious like some of the other designers who need to have their egos deflated just a wee bit. Anyways, it will be interesting to see what happens.

And finally, Seal. I'm making a new CD for Museum Man and I'm really loving the new Seal song. So enjoy: