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Belated Blog-versary!!

With all of the stuff going on, I realized that I missed my blog-versary! My official blog-versary is 1 November. Though I think I wrote it at a little after 1AM, so it's probably Halloween. Oh well. I'm now entering my 4th year of blogging.

And I'm still digging it. It's good for me to just rant some time, to take the time to think things outloud, or on the computer screen, or to just capture a moment in time. I've got a various and assorted group of blog daddies due to the Homo Blog Jam in 2004. And I've actually met a few of them. Introvert that I am, I usually don't say hello to them. That's just the way it is.

I am kind of depressed that some of my favorite bloggers have either officially shut down, like Eric, or only blog like once very three months (GeekSlut!). I think I can understand why at times.

But I do love the ability to peer into another world, to walk in someone's footsteps, to read & feel about experiences that may have been mine in another life, or if I had taken a different road. And the things I've learned! About the larger gay world, about politics, about my Church at large. It's all so fascinating and so fitting for my ADHD and introverted personality.

I haven't succumbed to Facebook or MySpace yet. Between work and the blog, my original web site is on life support. So I can't even imagine having to deal with one of the social networks. How much does one need to live on the internet anyways?

{Spinning the subject wheel}

So I did a movie marathon on Thursday and Friday. The Island. Not bad at all. And Ewan McGregor is as hot as always. Forumula 17. Very cute Taiwanese movie about coming out. Recommend it. Boy Culture. I was very surprised. I love this movie. Definitely a thumbs up. Unfortunately, I did pick up a stinker. "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry". Ugh! Words cannot describe my hatred of this movie. It was so bad that I only watched the first 30 minutes of it. I get it, Adam Sandler's character (and him) are straight. But my ability to suspend my disbelief when Adam Sandler's character is apparently sleeping with all of the bar staff at the local Hooters? Um, no. Adam Sander falls into that kind of cute, sort of attractive space. Not the oh so hot that he's got not one, not two, but 6 women in bed with him. That I'm not believing. Not by a long shot. And I'm not a big fan of the word "faggot" that was hurled around quite frequently. Anyways, not good. Don't see it.

Ciao for now!