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"Premium Rail???"

Isn't that an oxymoron? But I had to ask. I wasn't going to pay $26 for two drink at the Uber-hip Lounge (aka Halo). So I asked about the new 2 for 1 drink special. And the 2 for 1 drink special is for beer, wine, and "premium rail". So I asked for a couple of drinks with Grey Goose, but was told that Grey Goose wasn't part of the "premium rail." So we settled for some lesser vodka. Oh the horror! But with a little bit of alcoholic lubrication, I had a good time chatting with Superlawyer who left after ONE drink. Hello what am I going to do with my 2 for 1 special? Why I ordered a drink for myself after he left. And then sat there and read email at the bar while sipping my cosmo. Does that make me sophisticated, or a loser? Yes, I know. A bit L.

So needless to say I wasn't thrilled by New Hampshire. I was hoping the Obama would win and shut down the competition. Give him time to build a great coalition of democrats, republicans, and independants while the republicans slug it out pushing themselves farther and farther to the right. But no HRC won. And I really don't know what to make of the the crying scene. Part of me thinks it was a cold, calculated move by HRC to show some vulnerability and provide some empathy to her hard exterior. But here's the deal. I just don't think it was real. I think she's become too good of an actor and has just played us all. Which is kind of sad really.

The funny thing? Apparently the day after New Hampshire, the Obama campaign was FLOODED with people donating money. So that's a good sign. I think he can win NV and SC. But Super Tuesday is going to be a blood match. And we all know HRC won't go down without a fight. A no-holds bar fight that will definitely hit below the belt. And do you really want someone who will do what ever it takes to win the election? Don't you want someone with ethics, and morals, and beliefs that they won't sell out?

Oh, on the Anglican front, I wish I lived in Canada! Go Canucks!!