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Home from Hogwarts

Yep, I returned from the UK yesterday. As part of the marathon logistical hoops yesterday, we transferred through Kings Cross so I had to get a pic at the entrance to the Hogwart's Express. ;-)

I had a really good time with the Doppelganger (DG). It's weird, I wasn't exactly sure what it was going to be like. But I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I managed to get some good sleep in on the flight over. DG was waiting for me at Heathrow looking as handsome as ever. We bummed around London during the day (including a quick stop at a gay store called "CloneZone"! Love that name!) and then headed out into the country in the late afternoon. And when I mean country, I mean, COUNTRY! Big farms, tons of sheep, etc. The train system is great and it really does put Amtrak to shame. We arrive in St. Neot's where he lives and it is a VILLAGE! Seriously! And of course the first night there we had dinner with some of his American friends. Chinese food of course. No one eats British food in the UK. Which was fun. And I managed to stay awake pretty late, so I was psyched.

The DP has a springer spaniel who is just precious! And who runs the house. It was soo funny. And it was good to see the DP interact with his dog, it gives you a good feeling for what the person is like.

We really didn't do much. We went to the Exchange, hit the gym, went out for dinner, etc. It really felt like we were an old married couple. No hitting the bars (what bars?), no hitting the clubs (again, what clubs?). Just dinner, coming back to his place to snuggle on the couch watching CSI while the dog laid on our legs. It was so restful and so nice.

The trip back was a haze. But that's too be expected. And I'm here for 2 work days before I head west for work. So I'm crazy busy.

More later!