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Weekend Recap

Kind of interesting, low key weekend. Which isn't bad.

Went to the new and improved Bear Happy Hour at 30 Degrees. It was definitely odd to walk up the stairs to the main lounge floor and see some guy with his shirt off. At Titan? No big deal. Green Lantern? Ditto. But at 30 Degrees? It would be like seeing someone in leather at Halo. Anyhoo, Greekboi and I had a beer and some people that I knew came over to chat. And I did see some friends of friends. Which is always nice, but it still just re-inforces my feeling that I really just don't belong in that crowd. And I could definitely tell that GreekBoi was not feeling comfortable, so we left after one drink, went to Jacks for dinner (just okay), and then I was home by 1030PM. Hey, I'm old.

Saturday I got up and did a really hard workout at the gym. Actually I'm still a bit sore right now. As I was on the bike, I got to the end of my book and started to tear up a bit. I'm reading Hero and it's really good. Favorite line: "I had strict rules about looking at porn. First off, I wasn't allowed to think about suicide after I looked at it." Anyways, the ending was a little heart-wrenching. Biceps and back. And then 3o more minutes on the elliptical, but now I'm adding sprints to my routine. At every 3rd and 8th minute (so 3, 8, 13, 18, 23, and 28) I sprint for a minute. Go balls to the wall. Usually my heart rate gets up to 170+. When I got off the machine, it said my average heart-rate was 156 BPM! Not too shabby. After the gym, went to see National Treasure: Book of Secrets. Some good escapist fare. And then I went to a party at my rectors house to celebrate 12th night!

Sunday was gym (well the Y really), church, Safeway, and then home to work. Oh well. Tomorrow starts the only full week in January I'll be working. Which is going to suck, but I'll deal. Soon I'll be in London with the Doppleganger, and then in San Diego!

Oh, and I thought Obama did great in the debate and I think Hilary sounds a little bit angry and defensive. Not a good combination. I sent some financial love to Obama yesterday.