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I Saw A Man

I saw a man walking on water.

Fifty yards off the beach, a low water wall broke the incoming waves creating a more gentle swimming area for the tourists who splashed in the water. With the sun starting to dip towards the horizon, I walked through the palm trees lining the shore feeling like I was entering a scene from a postcard. With each wave, a flow of water would gently pass over the water wall, creating a liquid path just inches above the surface of the ocean. And I saw a man walking on water.

I watched him as he walked along this liquid path, just above the surface of the ocean. No firm strides, but not quite a stroll either. As he walked, I saw the golden reflection of the setting sun became a shimmering, fiery, storm of light on the water.

I saw the man, walking on water, approach that storm, that fiery brilliant storm. As he walked, the light was so bright that I had to squint to see him. My eyes teared up a bit and I lost him for just a second in that fiery reflection on the water. And then I saw him on the other side. Walking on the water.

And I wanted to be that man.