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All About Everything But Me It Seems

Lots of people are reassessing the status or purpose of their blogs and I've been thinking about mine as well. If you looked at my word cloud, it seems I have a tendency to harp on a select group of topics: the state of the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion, politics (local and national), the US's use of torture and our slowly fading civil rights, the war in Iraq. And then a couple of small abstract vague posts about me. Hmm, that wouldn't be me trying to avoid talking (or blogging) about how I feel now would it?

So here you go. It's really all about me.

Job. It's good. Busy, but not crazy busy. And I'm getting settled into my new position and I'm kind of digging working more normal hours and not feeling overwhelmed all the time. I'm sure that will change at some point, but right now I feel like I'm in a sweet spot right now, so I'm just going to let it ride.

Gym. It's there. And I go. Not as often as I should, but I'm trying. It's just SO hard to get up in the AM and go. Unfortunately I've been sabotaging myself when it comes to food, so I haven't lost any weight. But I think I'm ready for another push.

Travel. Well I'm off to South Beach this weekend with SuperLawyer. I'm hoping that being surrounded by a bunch of hot, tan, muscled hotties will finally help me overcome my fear of bulimia. And I'm planning a trip to Paris at the end of March to visit my sister and my niece and nephew. So that's good. I've got my two weeks in Europe this summer. And I've put a deposit down for Carnival week in Ptown. So now I just need to lose weight so I can be thin and fabulous by the time I go to all of these places.

Love life. Hmm, not so much. After sort of seeing someone for a while, he decided that he just wanted it to be casual. Which was a bummer as he was the first guy in a long, long, long time that I actually thought had a lot of good potential. And he's a great guy, I just think our timing sucked. So after taking a short dating break, I'm about to enter the dating world again.

So there. That's my life any a nutshell.