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Cheap Glasses and Gay Violence

So last night I braved the very artic weather we are having to attend a Friend of Friends cocktail party. It's a monthly cocktail party for mainly gay guys that's very non-stressful, non-networking, just a kind of hang out type of thing. They go to different venues every month so its also kind of cool way to check out new places.

Last night the gathering was at a new place east of the circle on P St called the Pasha Lounge. I wimped out and took a cab over and once I go there I stood outside a minute. First I needed to call GreekBoi to let him know that I was there, but secondly to look at the building and the adjoining Moroccan restaurant. It took me a second to realize that this new restaurant and lounge were housed in what use to hold Mr. P's, a very famous gay bar that closed several years ago. Jimbo has it right, Dupont just isn't that gay any more.

Anyways, I went in and got my name tag and then went straight to the bar. Without my wingman, I needed some alcoholic sustanence. I know the organizers tell the bar we are coming so they know to expect us, which makes me wonder why there just never seems to be enough bartenders! Anyways I got an Amstel Light and then proceeded to walk around. The crowd was actually pretty decent. When I first got there, I think the age range was probably averaging around low 40ish, but then as the evening progressed I think it got lower. As I wandered around nodding my head in recognition with the people I know/have met before from crew, or via Greek Boy and other friends, or from my gym (which I must now admit is probably 80% gay). I did chat for a while, but large crowds are bit imposing for an ISTJ like me. And without a wingman to work the crowd with, I sort of hung by the side of the crowd.

During one of the short conversations I had with someone I know through GreekBoi, I made the comment that I really didn't like the cheap glasses. The interior of the lounge is very nice, very hip, and then to get cheap plastic beer glasses didn't make sense. I understand plastic beer mugs, but these were actually plastic beer glasses. And it wasn't just the beer glasses. Plastic high ball glasses, plastic martini glasses? I just didn't get it. And then GreekBoi's friend clued me in to the fact that during the rest of the week, and very much so on weekends, this was a very straight club that apparently gets a little rowdy. So the assumption was made that to reduce the damage, they went with plastic glasses.

Which got me wondering if/when we would hear about some sort of club violence coming out of the Pasha Club kind of like what is happening up on U St or in Adams Morgan. Every other weekend or so you hear about some sort of disturbance, or fight, or even a stabbing or shooting at one of those clubs. Which got me wondering why that doesn't happen at gay clubs. (and yes I was a bit hungry at this point which may have attributed to my ADD).

Seriously, not that I'm a huge regular at all of the gay clubs in the area, but I don't think I've ever seen a real fight or disturbance at a gay club. Really. Sure I've seen some drama when two guys show up wearing the same outfit, or when some trick comes up to a couple who doesn't know that one of them's been cheating. But it's all been a little name calling. Nothing serious. There's no death threats, no pulling of knives, no flashing of guns. No waiting till they leave the club to have your gang beat them up. And what do you all a gang of gays? A posse? Hmm, sounds too similiar to pussy which means you know it's out.

Anyways, I don't know. I'm sure it happens. But I wonder how it compares statistically with the violence at straight clubs?