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Interviewing Tips with Trey!

Welcome to Interviewing Tips with Trey!

Today we're going to focus on interview no-no's!

1. Showing up early. Way early! Getting to the job interview early is important, but if you get there too early, it's potentially weird and puts the interviewers off their schedule. Go grab some coffee or take a quick walk around the block.

2. Fashion Faux Pas # 1. If for some strange reason you ran out of dark socks to go with your black suit, and end up wearing white athletic socks, then make a joke about it. "I was so excited about coming into the interview that I just didn't realize that I had white socks on." Or something like that.

3. Fashion Faux Pas #2. Don't wear a lanyard emblazoned with your current company's name on a job interview with another company. Nothing says I'm a piece of corporate property like a lanyard at a job interview. Maybe just take it off and put in your pocket.

4. Answer the question. If for example I ask if you're interested in X, Y, or Z, then I'm probably looking for an answer that's either X, or Y, or Z. Maybe a combination if appropriate, but I need an answer. Talking for 20 minutes without really giving me an answer to my question does give me an answer. And probably not the one you meant to give.

5. Don't talk too much. Yes it's good to put a lot of information out there so you can give your prospective employer a lot of data to help him make his decision. But throwing gobs of information out there in no semblance of a coherent thought or cogent point gives the impression that you like to talk, and that you don't really understand what you're talking about. In addition, if you're rambling to the point where the interviewer can't ask another question, you're talking too much. Stop. And take a deep breath!

Next time we'll talk about resumes!

Thanks for playing!