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Savage Hate!

Dan Savage's weekly column is called Savage Love, but his recent column about Mary Cheney should have been called Savage Hate. And I *LOVE* it!

Harsh, critical, unflinchingly honest and dead on target, I do cringe when I read the last paragraph. He talks about Mary needing to own up to what she's done and not done, said and not said:

"And you might want to have it all wrapped up before your kid is old enough to understand what’s being said about his family by your dad’s political allies. Take it from me, Mary: Explaining to your child, after he heard something hateful on the radio, that his family is very much “real,” that it’s not an attack on anyone else’s family, and that his parents are, in fact, fit to be his parents is as distressing and emotionally exhausting as it is unnecessary. And I blame you."

I cringe because it reminds me of the hateful things said about SuperLawyer and his fitness to raise his children. I wonder if Mary Cheney will ever really understand that human rights shouldn't be a political weapon or tool to be used against another human being.

The sad thing is that by the time Mary Cheney's child grows up, I truely believe that there will be equal rights for all gays and lesbians in the United States. And when he/she asks their Mommies what they did to help in that fight, will Mary claim that she helped the struggle, or will she lie to her child?