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Upgrades, 42, and the French

I dreamed of John last night.  We were traveling somewhere, I'm not sure where.  But we had landed and were about to get on another flight when we found out that one of our upgrades had come through.  Key word, *one*.  And so we had this discussion about who should get the upgrade and finally I convinced him that he should take it.  He got on the plane.  And then I got in the back.  And then somewhere in my dream, reality started to emerge.  And I knew John was gone.  And that's when I woke up.  But I woke up with a smile.

This had actually happened to us before on some trip.  To Napa I think.  And we did argue about it and then I finally convinced him that I would be able to better enjoy our time together in Napa if he wasn't trying to recover from being stuck in coach and/or complaining about coach the whole time.  John was big.  He needed first class.  John was first class.

Went to see 42 this weekend.  Good.  But I will agree with one of the reviews I read.  Harrison Ford couldn't have overacted any more if his life depended upon it.  Good movie, but it was uncomfortable to watch at times.  The racism.  The bigotry.  I know it still exists in the U.S.  But I think it's more subtle now.  It's not in your face ugly.  And it was definitely in your face ugly back then.

There's been this talk recently about how there isn't an out gay man in professional sports yet.  There are rumors one (or more) may come out soon.  I really can't imagine that they will have to face the naked bigotry that Jackie Robinson did.  Oh, I'm sure there will be some.  But I think we are more educated now.  And we know that's not right.  Atleast I hope we do.

The French.  Seriously?  Rioting about gay marriage?  Attacks on gay bars?  Violence against some gay men?  Since when did you all become so concerned about marriage?  Aren't you all the people of mistresses and affairs?  Where is all of this anti-gay marriage anger coming from?  It just seems so surreal.  I just doesn't seem like the France I remember.  And I'm not sure I'd want to go there any time soon.  So weird.