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You Left Me

I remember that Thursday night in Nevis.  Sitting on the beach.  Sipping that cheap champagne we had gotten from the gay couple in Antigua.  Watching the sunset.  And we talked about your new job.  About getting married.  Moving to Virginia so you could have your lower taxes.   Buying a house together.  The world was our oyster and I just thought we could have it all.  We both wanted it.  And I think we both deserved it. 

           On the flight back, you got delay at passport control.  With my Global Entry card, I zipped through, but you were stuck in the crazy lines and our connection was tight.  We texted back and forth.  I was flying out to Brussels the next day, so we really needed to get back.  You told me to go ahead and I said no.  I wasn’t going to leave you.  I didn’t want to go ahead through customs.  I wanted to wait for you.  I wasn’t going to leave you.  We were going to make it together.  And we did.  And then that night, after we had gotten home, after I saw you leave in the taxi heading back to your place,  you left me.  You left me here alone.  And I wasn’t ready for that.  I was ready for almost anything, but not that.  Anything but that.   You were gone and I was alone.            

Happy birthday Boo!

I love you.  I miss you.