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The Joys of Dog Ownership

Home early to get my hair cut.  
Walking Suki.

We've passed this dead little bird several times and never even stopped.  

But today, Suki decided that the dead bird was just ripe enough to snack on.

So I immediately try to stop her.

Prying her jaws apart to pull the dead bird out.  

And I succeed.

But yea me.  
I've got a dead bird in my right hand.

We keep walking.  I throw the bird in the trash.  
But my right hand is just covered in dead bird grime, feathers, etc.  

And the smell.

Oh the smell.

We get home.  And that's when I realize that my keys are in my right front pocket.  

In order to not pollute my pants, I'm trying to reach into my right pocket using my left hand.  

It takes a bit, but I finally get my keys out.  

I immediately go to the sink to start washing and disinfecting my hands.

As I'm scrubbing furiously, I look at Suki and say, "That's disgusting."

Her response?

She licks her chops.  

Of course she does.