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All Hail Aphrodite!!!!

Bow down before the Goddess!!

So I got up at 0355 AM on Friday AM so I could be online for the pre-sale for Kylie's North American tour. No road trip necessary this year, she's coming to DC. Or rather, Fairfax. The pre-sale was only via her site and started at 0900 GMT. And I was hoping all of the other gays wouldn't know what GMT meant so I could get online and get tickets while they were all sleeping. But even working three windows on the Mac, my iPad, and two windows on my work laptop, it still took me almost thirty minutes to get through the web site and grab some tickets. I originally wanted seats in the middle area, but my request wouldn't go through. So I tried the side seating area and scored. And I think I scored big time. I think we have front row seats for that section.

I'm so totally excited. I can't wait. April 30th. And Lawyer X finishes all of his trial crap so this will be the perfect way to celebrate that!

All Hail Aphrodite!!