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That's the phrase that LawyerX and I use when we run into the occasional crazy person here in DC.

Yes, it happens enough that we have a phrase for it.

In addition to the phrase, there are rules: Do not look at them. Do not engage them. Do not let them suck you into their crazy.

And of course, there are times when you forget. Like I did yesterday.

A long day at work. I head home. Once I get into DC, the traffic gets worse. I'm heading north on 18th St getting ready to turn right onto H St. The guy in front of me does a right turn on red and I move up to take his spot and see if I can turn right also. As I do, a guy is walking into the cross walk and he puts his hands up to motion me to stop. So I stop. Well clear of him. And then I look left to see if there is any traffic or if I will need to wait for the green light before turning.

And I hear something. Some voice over the techno music I'm jamming to in my car. I look over and see the guy. And I'm not sure, but I think he's talking to me. So I look at him.

And then I hear him say clearly (which must be fairly loud since I can hear him over the radio), "That's right I'm talking to you!"

But I'm confused. I didn't hit him. I stopped. Well clear of him. So I look at him.

And apparently my looking at him is some how construed as challenging him.

"Oh, so that's how it's going to be."

And I'm in my car going, dude, I just want to get home.

And the light changes, and I hear him again.

"I'll show you."

Well I start to turn left and as I turn I take one last look.

And he's in the process of pulling his pants down so he can moon me. I know. Nice.

But he hasn't figure out that I've turned, so he's aiming in the wrong direction.

And by the way, the weather here? Kind of cold.

You know what we say?

Local Color