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MOPT Update

So I got on the scale this AM and I had lost 2 pounds. Yea. I guess.

I was sort of hoping for more. And then I started thinking . . . . about the chips, salsa, and fajitas I had for lunch on Saturday; . . . . . . about the fish tacos I had for dinner Friday night; . . . . . . about the dim sum dinner and oh so tasty white wine/St Germain sangria that we had. Yeah. I really wasn't that good this week from a dieting perspective, so 2 pounds is not bad at all.

I'm going to try to do better this week, but LawyerX has friends coming into town this weekend, so I know there will be eating and drinking. Smart choices. I just need to remember to make smart choices.

I did make it to the gym this AM, and this PM, but the weather is just killing me. I can't take the bitter, bitter, wind. Baby it's cold out there!

Can't wait for Glee to come back!