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If it's Wednesday it must be . . . . . .

El Paso? Sure, why not.

I'm tired and we've still got more legs of this insane road trip left to go. Three states in 3 days? I feel like a presidential candidate:

I mean, I like to travel. But this is insane.

Speaking of presidential candidates . . . . apparently Hillary was in El Paso last night. Not that I would have gone to see her, but the folks I'm traveling with decided to go to this steak place 30 miles OUTSIDE of El Paso. So that's like eastern BFE. And to be honest, the mean was just okay and not worth the hour plus driving time going there and back.

And having a huge hunk of beef in my stomach led to some weird dreams. But I won't share.

There's rumor of snow in Denver on Thursday. Just say no! I want to get back to DC!!