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Vote for HOPE!

So I managed to make it down to the Board of Elections this AM in the FRAKKEN cold to vote early. Yes I'm on the road again. But I wanted, no I needed, to have my vote, my voice, be part of this election.

I know a lot of "the gays" will vote Hillary. Do you remember how Bill threw us under the bus with Don't Ask, Don't Tell? Do we really need Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton? Can't America do better? Doesn't America deserve better?

Don't you want a president who can inspire us? A president who can help repair our shattered image around the world? A president who can challenge us to be better than we are today? A president who can unite the country? A president who doesn't have the baggage of a vast right wing conspiracy on her shoulders? I'm all for a woman president, just not this woman.

I went into my office (a conservative government contracting company) wearing my "I Voted!" sticker. My CEO told me he was voting for Hillary. And I ignored him. I know better that to get into a political conversation with him. My HR Director said the same thing and I asked why. "We know McCain is going to win the nomination, so we're going to vote for Hilary in the democratic primary because Obama's an unknown." I translated that into, "If Hillary wins the nomination, the great partisan dispute will continue and the Republican will be able to use the spectre of Hillary as president to rally their base. Obama is unknown. And the unknown is scarey. So we want Hillary." I hope Huckabee wins VA just to make the Republican race even more of a fiasco!

Oh, and a couple of great McCain paraody videos:

No matter who you want to be President, GET OUT AND VOTE!!!