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Trey's First Prada

It's true. I finally own my first piece of Prada. And it's all thanks to Museum Man.

Today was supposed to be my shopping day. A new suitcase, and a new bed side table/night stand. So after the gym, I trekked out into Falls Church. Only to find the Target surrounded by cops that were blocking all entrances. I must check the Washington Post tomorrow to find out what that was all about.

So I bailed on Target and headed to The Room Store. And it was just as dreadful as I imagined it would be. A big huge showroom of crap. But I persevered and made two laps through the bed room section. It was awful, but I found a couple of pieces that I didn't hate too much. But by then I figured I would need to look somewhere else.

Anyways, since I was in VA, I stopped by Museum Man's temporary lodging and picked him up. We headed to Cafe Asia for lunch and then we came back into the District. After a couple of quickie errands, we headed to Filene's Basement. I think poor Museum Man (MM) was in a bit of shock. He was all over the place. I did manage to find a burnt orange suitcase that was big, but not heavy. MM tried to sell on one with four rollers, etc and I said it was too heavy. He's like, "That's the wheels are for." But that's not the issue. If the airlines restrict me to 50 pounds per bag, then I don't want the bag itself to weigh too much. It needs to be light, but fairly sturdy. And burnt orange is still in according to MM. We wandered up the second floor and MM went into a whirl wind of fashion. He forced me to buy a black suede sports coat. It's nice, but we'll see. It's definitely casual and I really don't go out that much. Standing in line to pay, MM discovered a hidden bin of Prada shoes. And he lost it. MM is a bit of a label queen. Anyways, he found a pair that are close to my size. Retail $350. On sale: $136. I think that was the most expensive pair of shoes I've ever bought. Oh well. It's Prada baby! So see my red tag and turn green with envy!