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"Well We Can Still Be Friends . . . . . . ."

It's an almost formulaic response that's uttered as part of the break up saga. Usually after the: "It's not you, it's me" portion of the discussion.

And sometimes it's true and sometimes it's not. I know I've said it a few time and not really meant it. Usually when I've dated someone once or twice and figured out that not only am I not attracted to them, but that they really aren't that interesting and I'm not sure there's anything to base the friendship on. Yes, that's kind of harsh, but I'm being honest.

I will say that I do have a rather good track record of turning dates into friends. Most of my friends I met via Match where one of us (and sometimes both) decided that there wasn't any chemistry, but we had some things in common and thus a friendship was born.

Which brings me to my last romance which happened last fall. In a strange twist of fate, I met someone who I was not only attracted too, but also found funny, interesting, smart, etc. So we dated a bit (4-5 months ish). After a New Years Eve alone, I kind of pulled the "where are we" conversation and he said that he wanted to keep things casual, that he wasn't interested in a boyfriend right now. And I said cool, casual works, and . . . . wait for it . . . . well we can still be friends.

But apparently it was not meant to be. And I'm kind of bummed about not only the break up, but the fact that we couldn't even be friends. I've sent him a couple of emails, and nothing. And I guess the saddest thing is that I kind of thought more of him, kind of expected that it wouldn't be this way. There was no ugly break up, no scene, just a fade away into deafening silence.