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Friday Night Mistakes

So I've had a long, and pretty crappy week. But I got home early yesterday and instead of doing more work, I laid down for a nap. But it wasn't very good and when I woke up at 630PM I wasn't feeling in the best of moods. But I've been such a hermit lately I forced myself to go out even thought I wasn't really feeling like it. Mistake #1. Then instead of going to Woof @ TITAN where I figured I'd end up getting rejected by real bears, as well as by Bear411, I decided to go to Halo. Mistake #2. So I get cleaned up and I head to Halo. It's packed to the gills with all of the pretty people, and the wannabes. Like me. I keep getting cut off in line by twinks of various age and I'm starting to get mad. Yeah, like that's a good attitude to have at Halo. I finally get my drink and I sort of walk around and look to see if I know anyone. As I'm scanning the crowd I recognize John Aravosis who runs I go over and introduce myself and tell him how much I like the blog. Actually I think I said, " I LOVE YOUR BLOG" while pointing at him repeatedly. Anyways, nice guy and we chatted for while. But then I realize that he's there with friends and now I'm afraid I'm turning into some cyberstalking fan so I excuse myself quickly and leave. And as I'm leaving Halo, I start to get depressed. So I decide to eat through my emotions and I go over to Stoneys. Mistake #3. Where I order the buffalo chicken pizza to go. Mistake #4. Which I take back to my condo where I proceed to eat the WHOLE THING. Mistake #5. While watching Queens, which is very cute, but all of these happy endings make me want to puke (or is that the pizza) and I get depressed even more. So I finally end up going to sleep only to be punished for my many mistakes with acid reflux all night. Nice.

The good new is that according to EW, depression is so 5 minutes ago and apparently rage is now in. Which is good, because I've got some healthy rage issues I'd like to work on as well.