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Ego Much?

So I went to a Nats game last night. And I remember why I like baseball, other then inherent gayness of it all with the pitchers and catchers. It's just a very social sport. You don't spend 60 minutes screaming at the top of your lungs. Sure you shout every once in awhile, but you can also just sit and chat and have a conversation. You're kind of forced to just slow down and enjoy the game. Of course, the beer and the really bad for you but-oh-so delicious snacks are just icing on the cake. My CEO asked me to go with him and he's got SWEET seats. Plus we got to eat dinner at the "Diamond Club." Trust me, it should be called the "Cubic Zirconia Club." Oh, the food was okay, but it's not really a "club."

Anyways, we're watching the game and I know NONE of the players. Hey, I don't like it that much. Anyways, out comes some guy and you know how they play a little snippet of a song picked by that player. Well the song was: "This Is Why I'm Hot!" Hello! Ego much? And um, sweetie, I hate to break this to you, but you just aren't all that. Well, to be nice, compared to some of the other guys on the team, maybe Ryan Zimmerman is sort of hot. But I think he may be gay fat.