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Rejected by Bear411!

No seriously!

I had a couple of friends in town and some guy told them to check out his profile on Bear411 so we looked him up on my computer. Well the profile didn't say much, and we thought maybe you need to be a registered user to get additional info, so I went a head and registered. Filled in the little questionnaire (and no I'm not sharing what I put in my profile), posted a pic, and then waited to get the confirmation email saying that my profile was approved.

Well I got an email, and it said, "no thanks" and recommended that I join Male411 (aka Gay411).

Now I'm not sure what to think. Was I rejected because my picture wasn't bear enough? I posted one without facial hair, was that the requirement I failed? Or am I looking too slim (as if!) in my pic and so don't meet the weight requirement?

I'm confused.

And should I be offended or happy