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Death To America?

Well it's been a busy week for me including an oh-so-fun trip to central New Jersey and I'm about to head off to Nashville (yee-haw!) shortly. So I've barely been able to keep up with the political blogs I read, or even many of the personal or religious blogs (and yes I read several religioius blogs). But between what I've seen on the news, read in the MSM and in the blogs, I have to wonder whether if there is some sinister plan to destroy America. And no I'm not some conspiracy freak, but I think about of all of the stuff that has come out about the Bush administration and how it's basically undermining everything America stands for.

To quote Joe Klein: "The three big Bush stories of 2007--the decision to "surge" in Iraq, the scandalous treatment of wounded veterans at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center and the firing of eight U.S. Attorneys for tawdry political reasons--precisely illuminate the three qualities that make this Administration one of the worst in American history: arrogance (the surge), incompetence (Walter Reed) and cynicism (the U.S. Attorneys)."

But that's just the stuff that has risen to the surface. If you look deeper you can see the blatant cronyism and corporate welfare is undermining what America stands for as well.

It used to be: "Go to school, study, work hard, pull yourself up by your bootstraps, and you can succeed in America."

But now it's go to Regent University, have some political connections, and get some sweet government job where you can help sustain the corrupt system that put you there. Or maybe you'll end up in a position where you can use government funds to keep your party in power. Or maybe you can give some money to a guy in a fedora and he'll help you get some sweet government contracts. And don't get my started on the no-bid contracts. How can that be construed as anything other than corporate welfare?

Is there some masterplan to completely undermine the basic foundations of America? It's hard for me to think that there isn't at this point. But one would think if they could come up with a masterplan like that, they would have figured out a way to get out of Iraq. So maybe they're just getting lucky.

Rage. That's what I'm feeling these days. Rage that this is happening in America. Feel it with me. Doesn't it feel good?