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Overheard at DCA

Now I'm used to the hassles of air travel so I put my game face on when I travel. It's the little loopy grin I put on that says, "Yes this all sucks, but we're in it together so we might as well all get along." And I had it on when I get to the check in kiosks at US Airways. While I'm waiting in line, I've heard a little bit of unpleasantness, but I've got my travel smile working. I get up to the kiosk and there's a problem so I have to wait for help. In the meantime, I stand there listening:

Woman: "What's going on here. Why are we sitting apart? We're supposed to be sitting together."

Attendant: "I'm not sure Ma'am. But something must have happened."

Woman: "I booked my seats FOUR months ago to make sure we would sit together and NOW you're telling me there's been some changed? Why do you EVEN give people the option to pick seats if it doesn't matter ANYWAYS?" She says sharply. And loudly.

Attendant: "Ma'am, I'm not sure. Sometimes the aircraft type is changed without our notice, so I'm not sure why you aren't sitting together."

Woman: "Are you meaning to tell me that my MINOR child is going to have to sit by herself 20 rows behind me? Are you saying that my 16 year old daughter is going to . . . . ."

I'm really not sure what she said after that. I'm just stuck on 16. Are you frakkin kidding me? She's 16 and she can't sit in a plane by herself with you a mere 20 rows away? How the hell deos she get to school? I'm thinking that if you're 16 and you can't sit apart from your Mom for the 2 plus hour flight to West Palm Beach then something is seriously wrong and bitching out the attendent who has NO control over the situation is just simply crazy! Get a grip you silly woman!