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Conference Chaos

So I'm in Nashville (yee-haw!) for a conference. And it's just weird. First of all, how in the hell do you throw a conference for 3400 IT professionals and NOT HAVE WIRELESS INTERNET ACCESS!?!?!?!?!? Look, some of us don't have crackberries but still need to do work while we are here. So I "conference" all day and then spend my evenings doing work. (Of course my other option is to go to a country bar. Pass!)

Anyways, I haven't been to a conference this big before and it's interesting. The conference is for all of the people who support the military industrial complex in the IT world, so it's a rather conservative group. So, one would think there would be rules for proper attire, right?

One rather humongous defense contractor had all of their people in jeans and denim shirts. Some of the guys had red hankerchiefs around their arms. I'm fairly certain these people are NOT aware of the hanky code. Or maybe . . .

Oh, unless you are the CEO of Sun Microsystems, lose the pony tail. Yes I understand that you've retired from the military and now you can grow you hair out, but you're 50 years old!!! Try to act/look like.

And, honey, unless you are working the conference, try a skirt that's a little bit lower. It's not some Adult Entertainment Convention.

Of course, the Borg were here, in matching black suits, white shirts, and all of the drones even used the same hair product. It was quite scarey.

Of course, I think the suits are better than some of the cheesy shirts with the company logo's on them. But that's just me.