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Jack's & the Dating Desert

Well Le Pigalle on 17th St is gone. I was never a fan. Not that Peppers (the previous establishment) was that great, but I did love their Blackened Steak Salad (with black beans!). Le Pigalle kept the salad for a bit, and then went to their totally french cuisine. I tried it once and was not impressed. And let's be honest, I'm not a big fan of haute french cuisine. So it was dead to me. So dead that apparently despite the number of times I've walked up and down 17th St this past week, I didn't realize that Le Pigalle was dead also. Dead and gone. And in it's place? Jack's. So instead of Annie's for lunch, GreekBoy and I did Jack's. Love the inside. They've made some nice improvements to it. The calamari was good, but the portion was a bit small. I liked that it came with a little salad. The eggs benedict was good, and I got the salad since I was trying to be good. The Bloody Mary was smooth and not too spicy as I requested. I think the portions were a bit small, but that could have been because I had worked out before church and only had a yogurt, so I was starving. And really, isn't smaller portions a good thing? So I give it a thumbs up. I may try to go back sometime this week and try their regular menu.

The Dating Desert. It's not a place. It's a time. And it stretches from mid November through late February. Let's face it, if you even try to start dating during this time frame you're screwed with not only dating dilemma, but also you've got to make sure you're not some rebound from some poor fool who's been dumped. Or worse, you don't want to come off as some romantically challenged needy person who is desperate to be "in a relationship" by Valentine's Day. Nope, if you're smart, and sane, the Dating Desert is a good time to spend quality time with yourself. Go to the gym. Read some books. Throw yourself into work. There are all sorts of options. Just don't go crazy. I know it's more than 40 days, but your time in the dating desert will end at some point. And then you'll be ready for spring, when the sweet smell of romance will bloom like the flowers.