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The Gift Gap . . . .

. . . . or also known as the Dating Dilemna. It usually only happens a couple of timesd a year, usually around holidays, but it's enough to strike fear in the heart of anyone who is in a relationship. Say you meet someone in October. You start dating and like a ticking time bomb, the holidays start to approach. So you're seeing each other, but you haven't had the official talk. The are we really boyfriends, or just friends, discussion. And of course, being the emotional coward that you are, you don't really want to bring it up. You want to revel in the dream that you are boyfriends so why let something like reality bring you a lump of coal for Christmas?

Now living my normally monastic life, I've managed to avoid the Dating Dilemna. But not this year. This year I find myself seeing someone I like a lot, but don't want to blow it when it comes to the Dating Dilemna. I wish there was some sort of rule or thumb to address this situation. Something like:

Dating less than 1 month: Bottle of Wine.
Dating 2-3 months: A small personal gift.
Dating 4-6 months: A larger personal gift (especially if you are seeing each other exclusively).
And after 6 months? Then you really need help. If you can't figure out what to get your boyfriend, then you really need to rethink the relationship.

So, wading into unfamiliar waters and wary of a potential rip tide or whirlpools (what if I get something that's obviously too expensive, or too cheap, i.e. the Gift Gap?), I decided to go with Sporn: the combination of Sports and Porn, where straight male athletes strike gay porn poses. Yes, I know, sporn? But seriously, the s Dieux du Stade is the highest quality of Sporn. Ahem, need I say more?
Okay, so nothing says I really like you like a calendar of half naked HOT rugby players. But still.

And what did I get in return. A gift certificate for a massage. I think I lost this round. His gift is much better than mine, and probably more expensive. Crap! Now I'll have to figure out a way to make it up to him!