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Mr. 4000?

Well, apparently common sense and reality isn't enough to break through into the fantasy land that our President lives in, and so it appears he's heading toward the surge option. A depressing prediction? He'll be Mr. 4000 by the end of the year. Dear Lord, I pray that I am wrong. In the meantime, what little bit of reality that was allowed into his proximity is now being shuffled away. I love Dan Froomkin, he calls it like it is. The Purge of the Unbelievers. He's now surrounded by all the yes men he needs to make sure no one ever questions him again. I wonder if Casey and Abizaid realize that they've been played, and then kicked to the curb? Now that he's bringing in a new set of generals, he can say he's listening to the military again. He's listening to the military he's put in power and I'm sure they will tell him what he wants to hear. Again, I hope and pray that I'm wrong, but I'm not sure.

And now it's time for our first Bush Hypocrisy Watch for 2007! Does anyone else find it absolutely amazingly hypocritical that Bush when signed the Postal Reform Act he added a signing statement saying that without a warrant, the government can open your personal mail? And then we learned that the Bush Administration made a deal with the Secret Service to make the visitors logs to the White House "presidential records" and thus not subject to the rules of the Freedom of Information Act. Apparently it became these logs became a potential embarrassment when it was determine Mr. Jack Abramoff had been to the White House a lot. And by a lot, I mean a way, humungous amount more than the "oh one or two times" the administration originally said. Yep, now the government can read your personal mail now, but you can't know who goes into the White House. I really think we need to change the nickname of the White House from the "People's House" to the "Imperial Palace."

On a lighter note, I went to go see DreamGirls. LOVED IT. And Jenifer Hudson just rocked! I may have to break down and get the soundtrack.