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The Appearance of Impropriety

And now for a little reality break:

I remember when I was told that we needed to avoid even the appearance of
impropriety in our actions and conduct as Naval Officers. It wasn't just a
matter of whether something was technically right or wrong, but how our
actions would be percieved by others and whether that would reflect poorly
on us as Naval Officers.

After watching Pres. Bush defend his need to allow CIA officials to torture
on TV, and what looks like a compromise law where it will be the President
to decide what is allowed, I'm more than a little dismayed. This is the man
who fought against the original McCain bill. Then when we realized that he
was going to lose, embraced it, signed it, and then added a little signing
statement saying that he could ignore it.

Unfortunately perception is reality for a lot of folks. Abu Ghraib. Gitmo.
Secret CIA prisons in Europe. Alledged murders and rapes in Haditha. And
now the President arguing why we need his "program" (his code word for
torture). It's a wonder we have any friends in the Middle East at all.