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Med Cruise 2006 Part 3

Another torturous day at sea. Let’s see, what did I do. Lay in the sun, nap, read my book, and maybe sample a cool frothy beverage or two while watching the passing scenery. Yeah, that’s the ticket. The weather was gorgeous and so were some of the men!

That afternoon was the Classic Disco T-dance. I went, but I’m not really a classic disco type of guy. But it was still fun to watch and look at the insane costumes/outfits that some people wore. Plus I had to rest up because tonight was the Venetian Carnivale party. So I got a disco nap in and then went to watch the Newlywed Game. I love this game as the couple say the funniest things. One of the questions was, “Your partner has a very big (blank) and a very small (blank). And this one guy, who had just gotten married not FIVE hours before, said that his partner had a very big bank account. OUCH! Of course it was the lesbian couple that won. Go figure. Then it was time for the Venetian Carnivale Party with DJ Wayne G. Lots of great costumes, lots of great masks, just lots of fun.

The next morning we arrived in Messina Sicily. We pulled along pierside and were greeted to a cloudy hazy morning. Well the reason it was hazy was that Mt Etna was erupting, but it was still good enough to go out and I went on a trip to Taormina. I’ve been there before, but it’s this little medieval town perched high atop a hill overlooking the coast with an amazing ancient greek amphitheater. Apparently everyone else on the ship decided to go to as they had over 25 busses going to Taormina. Figure there were atleast 30 guys per bus, that means over 750 gay men invading this little town. It was just insane. But the town was so pretty and I managed to snag some time at an internet café, so it was good.

Then it was back to the boat for an alumni party (for those who have been on 4 or more Atlantis trips), a massage, and then our special guest for the trip: Ana Gasteyer. Who? Yeah, I had to do a double check on this one. She was on SNL and did the hilarious Celine Dion impersonations. Well she left SNL and is now a Broadway type singer. She was in 3 Penny Opera and is going to be taking the lead in Wicked this fall. Not exactly a huge Broadway fan, but I went and it was good. She did a great job of telling some amusing stories and then working in some great songs, and she’s definitely got the pipes. So it was good. And then after the show, it was time for the 80s Dance Party where I rocked out till about 2AM.

Naples. I had lived in Naples for 2 years and I just wasn’t sure what I wanted to do when we pulled into port. So I finally just decided to go with my roommate and his friends on a private tour of Pompeii and then the Amalfi coast. I love the Amalfi coast, so I was looking forward to that. So we got off the boat, boarded our own little mini-van and then sped down the autostrade to Pompeii where we met up with our tour guide. We must have spent a good 2.5 hours in Pompeii and it was really fascinating. I’d been there before, but had done it myself and the tour guide was providing a lot more info, almost too much. After Pompeii, I recommended that we head to Positano for lunch. I love Positano. It’s this little seaside town on the Amalfi coast that starts at the sea and just continues up the side of the mountain. It’s just amazing, and there are these great restaurants right down by the beach. It took us some time to get there, but we finally made it and it was so worth it. Lunch was just amazing. I do love Italian food. After lunch, we hit a couple of other towns on the coast to include Amalfi and Ravello. In Amalfi I saw the sadded T-shirt on some large American girl. It said, “Been there, Done That, Wanted It, Bought It.” Is there a sadder description of the way that some Americans travel/behave? I felt so ashamed.

Now the only downside to this day was that I was starting to get sick. I had woken up with a sore throat and that’s always the precursor to a full blown cold, so I kept looking for a farmacia. But it was Sunday, so it was not looking good. But at our last stop, I found one that was open and then tried to explain to the pharmacist what my symptoms were. Unfortunately his English was about as good as my Italian, so I ended up with some throat lozenges (good) and some weird powder stuff with directions in Italian (bad). But I took some anyway and just hoped for the best.

It took us forever to get back to the boat, but I took a nap and then it was the White Party!