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Cruise Wrap Up, Flaming Emails & Folsom Trip

Yikes, having stupid computer problems and haven't been able to blog recently. Okay, let's see, where were we?

Med Cruise Wrap Up:

The last day at sea is always a bit of a bummer. It starts off slow as everyone recovers from the previous nights (well actually this mornings) festivities. But by lunch time the pool deck is crowded and hopping. I continue to work on my poor semblance of a tan. Laying out in the sun is actually help my cold. Or atleast I think it is. I also finally do the rock climbing wall. I chose the easiest path to go up, and up I went. I crossed my arms a couple of times (not good) but I made it to the top, pretty quickly actually, rang the bell, and then rappelled down. Once I got down, this guy was like, “Isn’t the view from up there spectacular?” I’m like “Hmm, view?” I guess I should have looked around while I was up there. But I was just so glad to get up and then come down that I didn’t scope it out. But maybe next time.

After the rock climbing wall, I quickly changed for the last T-dance. DJ Abel was spinning and it was a great end to the cruise. After the dance, it was time to start packing and then attend Shann Carr’s Last Laugh. She was a riot as usual. There was one final dance party that night, but I was tired and just wanted to sleep.

After 9 days of GLORIOUS weather, we finally get our due. It’s grey and overcast as we pull into Barcelona. But of course as soon as it’s time to get off the ship, whooom, this torrential downpour. I didn’t buck a transfer this time, and I regret it. The line for taxis was atleast 600 people long. And so I stood in line for almost 2 hours. Which actually worked out for me, because by the time I got to my hotel, my room was ready. My hotel was nice, and really close to the Ramblas. Son once I got situated in my room, I headed down to the Ramblas to find a café for lunch. I find this little place on a side street and all I want is a glass of sangria and some tapas. I managed to pick some things off the menu that were good despite my poor Spanish skills and had a big glass of sangria. Well the sangria and the Dayquil mixed well and I stumbled back up the Ramblas to my hotel where I had a serious power nap. I did get up later that night to walk around the gay district, but the weather sucked so I just crashed early and then the next day was the usual flight back crap. But all in all, another great Atlantis cruise! Right now I’m signed up for the Baltic cruise next summer, but I might try to do the March one as well, we’ll have to see. My last pic from the cruise. This guy has it exactly right.

Flaming Emails:

Well my "Appearance of Impropriety" email to my class mail list certainly brought out a flamer. Denying that I have any hard proof, he claimed that apparently I'm being led astray by the liberal, American hating main stream media. I tried to argue that of course I, normal guy on the street, isn't going to have proof, but I'm assuming that not all of the reporters who get access to this stuff are lying. And that it isn't all about proof anyways, it's the appearance, the perception, the actions we take in trying to re-define what the Geneva Conventions say that undermine our moral authority. But he has zero tolerance for me without proof. Sadly one day, and maybe sooner than we think if the Dems take over the House or Senate, I think we'll have that proof. And then I wonder what my flamer friend will say.


Yep, I jetted off to San Fran to visit my friend and to attend Folsom. Here's a pic. Joe.My.God as usual does the best job of explaining the freakshow that is Folsom. I will say that I've never felt so boring, normal, thin, or young in all of my life. We didn't do Magnitude, but we did Real Bad. Had a blast. The fact that I dance the night away with a hottie didn't hurt. But now it's back to reality. Or what passes for reality these days.