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Sick, Delirious, Tired = Serious Down Time

The trip to Charleston was a mistake. Oh, it was interesting. But around 3PM the cold medicine wore off and I started to feel like crap again. But there was just enough medicine left in my body to make me slur my words and make me sound drunk. How professional is that? It was like the my entire vocabulary had been checked out of my brain. Not good. The headache started to kick in while I was at the airport in Charleston and then it only got worse. I made it back to Dulles and drove home with tears coming down my face because my head hurt so bad. When I got home I promptly took like 4 tylenol PM and crashed.

I woke up on Friday and realized that work just wasn't going to happen. So I've spent the last 48 hours going from my bed, to my sofa, to my bed again. I haven't had this much rack time in forever and I must have been worn out as I've slept ALOT in the past couple of days. Sleep is good. TV is bad.

Dear lord, how can I get sucked into such bad TV at all hours of the day and night? I'm not just talking crappy movies on Showtime or HBO. Oh, it's much worse. I've sunk so low that I'm watching movie of the week repeats (yes repeats!!) on Oxygen and WE! And the top 20 most embarrassing moments on the red carpet on E! Did I mention that I was delirious? That's my only excuse.

Atleast I haven't succombed to the Real World/Road Rules Fresh Meat marathon.