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Return to the Land of the Living

After three days of "resting" I finally felt good enough to go back to work and I was almost glad to go back. Almost.

In addition to watching really bad television, I also watched really bad movies. I've had a stack of netflix movies on my table and finally got around to watching them. They were all gay, indie type movies and all surprisingly awful. The only semi-redeeming value was the eye candy, but even still I had problems paying attention to the movies.

I did spend some quality time on the phone with United. When I had to cancel part of my vacation, I had to re-book my ticket using my ff miles and it was not pretty. National-Philly- Stockholm-Zurich-Athens with not one, but two (!) seven plus hour layovers. Not fun. After much cajoling and pleading, I've got a direct Dulles-Zurich-Athens flight. Of course I now have a fun 12 hour layover in Zurich. Of course, having never been there, I may ditch the airport and head into town to wander around. Or, I'll try to fly standby to see if I can get into Athens earlier.

The problem with staying home with nothing to do and no one to talk to is that I think too much. All of that stuff about my life, my career, my thoughts, my feelings. Ugh! I keep busy so I don't have to think about all of that stuff (hence the use of bad television as an avoidance mechanism). But I have been thinking alot. Some good, some bad. I suspect that going into therapy would probably be a good thing if it wouldn't impact my security clearance. So until that isn't an issue, I'll just have to muddle along. Just be warned that I may start spewing some strange thoughts and ideas.