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Like Razor Blades In My Throat

That's what sore throats feel like to me. Like Wolverine's claws, they just sort of erupt from my throat and then it just hurts to breathe much less swallow. Just not fun. Oh, important tip, if I'm drinking hot liquids, then I'm really sick. Currently I'm enjoying Lemon Echinacea Throat Coat. It's not too terribly bad and it does seem to help. Can't wait for when I go to sleep tonight. I'm going to have to drug myself pretty heavily if I'm going to get to sleep tonight.

Which is just as well as I got up extra early this AM to get my car safety inspected. Shockingly enough at 0600 when I arrived at the DC safety inspection facility, I was like car 60. Seriously! But they moved fairly quickly. I got out of there in less than an hour. So that's not too bad. I will say the happy, customer friendly attitude I was expecting was out in full force, even at 6AM. Thanks peeps. Trust me, I was just as happy to be there as you were.

Charles Town and Charleston. Busy week for me. I was in Charles Town on Monday. Well actually Martinsburg buy hey it's WV, so why deal with details. The drive was easy, quick and actually quite pleasant. I'm looking forward to my trip to Lost River in October. But the one thing I did find annoying was that for all of the construction there were signs that showed how much money for the construction was coming from federal funds, and how much from state funds. And it was always 3-4 times more federal funding that state funding. This whole "we get more money from Uncle Sam than you do" in your face attitude made me mad. Yeah, like they really need another 4 lane highway out here in West bum f&^k Virginia. Oh favorite bumper sticker: "My Dad's on the Honor Roll at Cliff's Bar & Grill." Sad, but probably true.

Oh Charleston. I'm off to Charleston for a one day trip, there and back. A long day and I won't get a chance to sample my favorite buffulo fried shrimp at Coast. Oh well, maybe next time.