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Go Greys!

So last night I finally made it to a Nats game. Well, sort of. In honor of the Negro League, the Washington Nationals were transformed into the Washington Greys, and the NY Mets were transformed into the NY Cubans. And just to confuse everyone, they were referred to as the Greys and the Cubans. Not the Nationals and Mets. Though the player profiles on the screen did finally clue me in. By the way, for bonus confusion, the Washington Greys' uniforms were White, and the NY Cubans' uniforms were Grey. Confused yet? Yeah me too.

Lots of good people watching. We had good seats and I was especially entranced by the very woofy looking catcher umprire. Of course, if your job required you to squat for 5 hours a night, you'd have buns of steals also. And it looked like he had a very nice upper body build as well. Definitely yummy.

However, I keep thinking the gays could do baseball so much better.

Those old, outdated uniforms? Ugh. Everytime I see a good looking guy in a baseball jersey, I just wince. Admit it, if "the gays" were running the league, the uniforms would be tight fitting shirts designed by some fashion queen with tight shorts sleeves to show off the biceps, tapered waists for a clean profile and every gay boy would be wearing their favorite teams shirt that they've bought at A&F or Univeral Gear.

The athletes. True, some of them are good looking, but some not. And some of them are not in shape. Can you imagine a team of hot looking gay guys, muscled, tanned, and with perfect haircuts actually working up a sweat under the lights? Yum. Oh, and I think for fan appreciate night they would hand out hair or skin care products instead of giving out the crappy souveniers they give out now. And then for the all-star game maybe they could just play shirtless. Sort of like a homage to circuit boys.

The team names? Nationals? Mets? Browns? Ugh. Boring! Imagine the Versace Vikings! Or the Prada Pirates!

Wait, that's too gay isn't it? I've crossed the line, haven't I? Oh nevermind.