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Indeblue and Cobalt

So I've been quite the social butterfly these last couple of days.

Thursday night I went out to dinner at the uber trendy, hip restaurant called IndeBlue. Located down in the Penn Quarter/Chinatown area near the newly named Verizon Center, it's part of the resurgence of that part of DC and specializes in french-indian cuisine. Yeah, think about that for a minute. I was invited by the Cool Couple, who are into such things, and Thursday night was also special as it was Dining Out for Life. It's where many of the restaurants in DC give a portion of the proceeds for that evening to Food and Friends, a really great organization that provides people with HIV/AIDS with meals and groceries in the DC, VA, and MD.

I tried to dress up. But my hip, trendy clothes do not really fit me anymore. But I managed to pull off a semi-decent ensemble so I wouldn't stick out like a sore thumb. I was glad I did. Indeblue is all about the beautiful people. They had a really cool lounge area which we didn't get a good chance to check out as we were promptly ushered up stairs to the restaurant. Seated in a little alcove in the back room, we sort of marveled at the decor and all of the different types of people we had passed. To be honest, the menu was a challenge to me. I've got a relatively simple pallette, so a lot of fusion cuisine is sort of lost on me. Plus, it seems that mushrooms rule alot of these type of restaurants, and that's not really my thing either. I ended up with the white tandorri shrimp with shaved fennel, chiffonade of romaine and artisanal goat cheese. That seemed the safest thing. For my main course, I had the chicken fricasse and morels with peanut potatoes and curry leafe pesto. Don't get me wrong, it was great. But I think I would have been just as happy with the burger. The evening was great as we had some interesting conversation and it just felt different/good to be out and about like a normal person.

Friday was another outting. I had re-scheduled a meeting I had at 2PM so I could escape and enjoy the great weather. Yeah, that worked. I ended up getting home around 630PM and promptly crashed. I woke up around 10PM only to find out that one half of the cute couple was already out and about and looking for me at Cobalt. But it took me about an hour to get my act together and then GreekBoy and I headed over to Cobalt. I haven't been there since my b-day party, but I had read on one of my favorite blogs that the DJ would be spinning some heavy vocals, so I was there. Plus, it looked like the homo-bloggeratti were going to be out in force. While Mr. BadKarma is an admitted celebrityf&^ker, I'm more of a blogger-stalker. I saw him, him, and perhaps him, but I'm not sure.. And even chatted with him. But that's definitely not the norm. Usually I'm the wall flower. It's the introvert in me.

Danced a bit. The music was okay. Greekboy doesn't like to stay out late, so I think we bailed a little before 1AM. Made the really bad decision to hit McD's. Yeah, I'm just full of bad decisions lately. Then did a quick pass through Juniors. It was weird. But then it was time to go home where I either couldn't sleep or had really bad dreams. No more frickin McDs. EVER!