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Zeigfields & Secrets

Since the DC government and MLB finally settled on a deal, it looks like the clubs over in South East are on a death watch. Apparently eviction notices have been sent out, and despite some probably futile legal battles, it's clear that the gay adult clubs in that area are soon to be a memory. So Greekboy and I decided to hit Zeigfields & Secrets one last time. My thoughts in no particular order:

Ziegfields: Packed like you couldn't believe. Hot and smokey. And lots of drunk straight women( well the ones that were there were so obnoxious it felt like a lot). To be honest with you, I'm not a big drag queen fan. But you've got to give it up for these girls. They do work for their money. There was one who did a country western song which I had never seen before. And one who did a hard core hip hop song. Usually the drag genre is dance/diva music or lounge show songs, so the country western bit was kind of refreshing. Not sure about the hard core hip hop one. It just seemed a bit odd. As I said, the place was packed and as the drag queens strutted their stuff, people would give them dollar bills as tips. Now some of these people would sit at their chair and just put their hand out with their dollar in between their fingers. Some of them would stand in line at the front of the stage with their hand & dollar sticking out around waist level. Not sure what that was about. And them some of them would have 4-5 single dollar bills and go through this little act where they would give the dollar bills out one at a time. Even at a drag show, some gays need a little bit of attention. Kind of funny.

Scene for the night. Slender, slightly queeny guy in black pants, white long sleeve t-shirt, and a red sweater wrapped around his shoulders (a la preppy boy 1980s) is doing a partial dance thing next to the stage and singing/lip synching to the same music as the drag queen. Gee, come here much? He decides to bum a cigarette off the big burly guy next to him in a red "Marines" t-shirt that stretches quite nicely across his chest. The guy gives him the cigarette and little queeny guy flips his wrist with cigarette in his hand so the big guy will light it for him. Such a performance. It just killed me.

Secrets is the strip bar connected to Zeigfields, so when you get tired of the drag show, or just overwhelmed by the heat and cigarrette smoke, you can cross over and see young men dancing around just wearing socks. On their feet.

Now, here's my thing about strip clubs. I just don't get them. When I was forced to go to straight strip clubs when I was in the Navy (ok, I wasn't forced, but did it to fit in), I just didn't get the point. A bunch of guys, looking at naked girls, getting all hot and horny, surrounded by other straight guys, paying top dollar for crappy drinks, and then always going home all alone. Yeah, that sounds like a good time. Atleast at a gay strip club, you see hot (theoretically) naked guys, AND you're surrounded by other guys. So in theory you get all horned up, and you're surrounded by other guys who are horned up, and then the magic happens. Okay, so not really magic as much as hormones, but details.

Anyways, back at Secrets. Again it was packed. But atleast it was better air conditioned. The boys were up on the stage and I guess everyone just loves their Viaga. I can't think of a better profession where that little warning, "If your erection persists for more than 4 hours," is actually a good thing. The thing is, most of the guys were twinks. Thin, hairless, almost pre-pubescent types. Really, come back when you hit puberty. There was on guy who actually looked like he was over 21 and had some decent muscles. I gave him a dollar tip, in his sock.

We went back and forth between Zeigfields and Secrets a couple of times. And then after the drag show, they opened up the stage/floor to dancing and played some good music, so I danced a bit as well.

It was a good time. While I hardly ever go to the clubs in South East, I do think it is a shame that they are being forced out of business. You would think the the city would figure out a way to make a one time exception to the zoning laws to let them move some place, but this is DC. We never do anything that makes sense.