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Evolution vs. Creationism (or Intelligent Design) or whatever

I think they all suck..

Sick again and falling apart. Yes the warranty on this body is just about out and everything is falling apart. The countdown to 40 is rapidly approaching and while my mind is in denial, my body has just moved onto the express escalator going down.

If God did create us in his own image, I hope he's got the crappy ankles that I do. Not to be (overly) sacrilegious, but couldn’t God have done a little bit of a better job? Yes I’m whining about ankles, but there are other things I could bring up also.

I’m not sure evolution has done us any favors. The opposable thumbs so we can be the master of a joy stick. (And get your mind out of the gutter!)? I supposed the weak ankles are just nature’s way of making me fall further and further behind the pack so I’ll be easy to pick off by some predator.

Speaking of predators, went to a happy hour thing last night. It was okay. Interesting mix of guys. You know what I just love? (sarcasm) When two guys I find hot and interesting end up talking with each other and leaving together (/sarcasm). Oh, and I am so over the Ken and Ken thing. That whole premise just works against me. Unfortunately “the gays” rarely do the opposite attracts thing. Oh well.